About Department

Zeal TVC

The Department of Computer Engineering was set up under Zeal College of Engineering and Research in 2007. Our sole objective is to provide the learner with a repertoire of knowledge that will serve them for a lifetime. As is common knowledge, a singular focus on academics can win you a race, but at the same time a focused approach on developing practical skills and imbibing leadership qualities in the students can help them win the marathon of their career and attain high levels of professional success.

To facilitate the habitual refinement of our students’ brilliant minds, we have 13 well-equipped labs with the latest software installed. The high speed internet facility (50 Mbps lease line) coupled with regular seminars and workshops held for the students and faculty ensures that the knowledge-gathering process is a holistic one. The IBM Software Lab for Emerging Technologies, set up in collaboration with IBM, is another initiative of the Department and we make sincere efforts to ensure that every single student gets certified by this Lab. Additionally, the Zeal Firefox Club involves the students wherein they can engage in the development of Firefox products and applications. Apart from the in-campus steps, we also encourage the students to give their best in technical and cultural festivals across the country. They are also active volunteers in Nirmaan and Telentron, which are the technical and cultural festivals held at Zeal annually.

The committed faculties are the true backbone of the Department and have a major role to play in all of the Department’s successes. Many of them are currently pursuing their Doctorate degree and are published authors in various journals worldwide. Being the knowledge disseminators, the faculties attend various workshops to upskill themselves on a regular basis so that they can impart quality education to the students.