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Greetings from the Department of Computer Engineering!

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man”. – Elbert Hubbard

Computers have always been at the forefront of major technological revolutions in the last century, the impact of which is felt to date. All such revolutions have always had one individual at the center of it that has been the driving force behind the event, who sought to quench their curiosity and thirst for knowledge by tirelessly pursuing a goal and trying to solve a problem faced by humanity at the time. This could not have been possible without educating oneself which brings us to the importance of arming oneself with the knowledge required to survive in this ever dynamic world and do something that changes the course of humanity altogether in a beneficial way. Engineers have enabled many such technological revolutions especially over the past three decades by using their knowledge to bring something great to life.

The Computer Engineering Department aims creating change makers in the technology sector who would shake-up the industry and academia with their path breaking innovations and knowledge. The thrust the College places on constantly upgrading oneself would ensure the professional success and growth of our graduates. Zeal Education Society takes keen interest in developing our students’ ability to analyze, synthesize, and design both core components of modern computing systems and integrated application systems centered on computers. Our skilled and experienced faculty impart knowledge about the scientific substructure for hardware and software engineering to the students who further apply it in engineering exercises.

We have collaborated with IBM, Mozilla Firefox, NVIDIA and established IBM Software Laboratory for Emerging Technologies and the GPU Education Center in our quest to give the best to the students. We are establishing an IoT Laboratory for the knowledge enrichment of the students. At Zeal Education Society, we offer value added programs to enhance a student’s overall development.

Prof. Aparna V. Mote
Head of Computer Engineering
Phone no.:- 020-67206128 (Office)