Inauguration of Zeal Firefox Club

The inauguration of zeal Firefox club was held  at Zeal college of Engineering and Research. There were about 200-300 college students and attended the inauguration ceremony. It was 3 hour event and the event began with the arrival of chief guests were-Shagufta Methwani,Siddarth Rao,Sumedh Bhalerao, Executive Director Jayesh Katkar ,Principal,HOD.

The ceremony began by introduction and welcoming of all dignitaries onto the stage followed by Saraswati pujan and lightning traditional diya. Club lead Nishigandha Yadav gave introduction about Mozilla and Firefox student Ambassador Program and ways to contribute to Mozilla. This was followed by inspirational speeches by all dignitaries.

The chief guests Siddarth Rao,Sumedha Bhalerao and Shagufta Methwani Shared their experiences and their journey with Mozilla  and about how they feel proud to be a Mozillian. They taught some webmaker tools and about the privacy and security on the web.

The club received many positive feedbacks from students by registering to Firefox student ambassador program. The ceremony ended up by thanking all the guests and a short photography session with club coordinators.