Robotic Arm controlled by Robot Operating System (ROS)

Name of the Project Amount Sanctioned Team Members
Robotic arm controlled by ROS(Robot Operating System) 1,500/- Mr. Yash Waman- Student TE R & A Engineering
Mr. Krushna Tathe - Student SE R & A Engineering
Mr. Akshay Raut - Student SE R & A Engineering
Mr. Kartik Dolaskar - Student SE R & A Engineering
Mr. Mahesh Shirke- Student SE R & A Engineering
Mr. Aryan Sutar- Student SE R & A Engineering
Prof. Yogesh Ingole- Faculty Coordinator

About Project

A Robotic Arm is a mechanical device designed to imitate and perform the function of a human arm. It typically involves a combination of mechanical, electrical components and actuators that work together to manipulate objects or perform a specific task. this robotic arm is having 3 degrees of freedom or axes of movement. Each axis represents a specific direction in which the arm can move, providing flexibility and versatility in performing tasks. The three axes are typically referred to as the base rotation, shoulder rotation, and elbow rotation.