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ZEAL Cyborg Club

About zeal Cybrog Club

When dreams come true..

“Zeal Cyborg Club” is established recently in Zeal Education Society’s Narhe Campus. This innovative idea comes from the students who won the IIT Bombay Tech fest twice. That was very proud movement for us, as our college mission is “Transferring dreams into reality by developing an individual’s potentials through spread of knowledge and wisdom in an intelligent environment.” We are providing the students an intelligent environment with total guidance including expert lectures to make their own robots. Though the dreamers are important but unless and until the dream does not come into reality it doesn’t have meaning. The entire process requires constant support and motivation and this support and motivation is always given by our beloved Hon. Executive Director Shri. Jayesh Katkar. With his valuable suggestions we are continuously progressing in various projects.

We have capacity to make 100 robots at a time with different task like line follower, war robot with different weapons, task robot, robot snookers etc. We are having all necessary equipments as well as all pneumatic material to make the robots. We are having highly qualified staff in our campus under their guidance we are going to conduct a research projects in the area of robotics, and we are trying to achieve our goals. We are in the process to have MOU with top MNC those are having expertise in the same filed, so that in future our robotic club member will work on live projects of industrial grade. For conducting such kind of work we have spacious two labs first is Hardware Workshop and second is Electronics Circuit Designing Lab with up to date software installed computers in our Cyborg club. In upcoming years the “Zeal Cyborg Club” has moto to be one of the known research lab in Western Part of Country. The Zeal Cyborg Club is well supported and motivated by Principal Dr. A. N. Gaikwad and Head of E&TC Dept. Dr. G. M. Malwatkar.

As I have taken a lead and co-ordinate this club, I feel very proud and it is my responsibility to provide all correct things to our club members. When we are leading such a big activity, a team work and feedback is needed. Hence it is my gentle request to all the members of Zeal family to give us your opinion. Your thoughts are valuable for us so that we can show continuous improvements in our work and transform it into quality measures.

Mr. Suresh Dattu

(Zeal Cyborg Club Authority)

Zeal Activities Done

Sr.No. Team Name College Name Event Name Rank
1. ENIGMA IIT Bombay IRC Winner
2. ENIGMA IIT Bombay Magneto Winner
3. ENIGMA VJTI Bombay VRS Aesthetic Robot
4. ENIGMA SCOE Sociobots Winner
5. ENIGMA GGSCOE Armeggedon Best Design
6. SCORPION VIIT Robowar Winner
7. SCORPION MIT Robowar Winner
8. SCORPION JSPM Robosoccer Winner
9. SCORPION MODERN Robowar Winner
10. SCORPION COEP Robowar Winner
11. SCORPION CUMMINS Robowar Winner
12. SCORPION BVCOEW Robowar Winner
13. SCORPION SIT Robowar Winner
14. SCORPION PVPIT Robowar Winner
15. SCORPION MIT Robosoccer Winner
16. ELECTROPISTON VIT Roborace Winner
17. ELECTROPISTON VIT Roborace Runner Up
18. ELECTROPISTON KJ’s Trinity Roborace Runner Up
21. DSP VIIT Robowar Runner Up

Core Team & Recent activities

Core Team :                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
1) Mr. Suresh B. Dattu  

2) Karan Kadu                  

3) Sumit Patil

4) Akshay  Chaudhary

5) Arun Dalvi

6) Nikhil Dongardive

7) Pradip Jadhavar         

8) Saurabh Chavan

 9) Sahil Bodake                 

10) Ravi Bansode                                                                     

 Staff Co-Ordinator                        


Accounts Head

Vice President                 

Event Head

Programming Head       

Think Centre Head         

Technical Head 

Resource Head                                                

Design Head                                     


Recent Activities:
1) Basic Robotics Workshop (3 days)                                                      

2) Advance Workshop Associated With                ENIGMA Technologies (2 days)

3) Preparation For MIT Tesla Event, IIT Bombay, COEP pune competitions.


Zeal Membership format

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