SAEINDIA Western Section Project Competition 2017

SAEINDIA Western Section Project Competition 2017 was organized by SAEINDIA Western Section in association with Zeal College of Engineering & Research, Narhe, Pune. This event was organized to motivate the students to demonstrate their skills, technical knowledge in field of automotive engineering.

The event began with Lamp-lighting ceremony by dignitaries. The dignitaries on dais were as follows:

  1. Vinay Mundada
  2. AjitM. Kate
  3. M. K. Chaudhari
  4. Narahari P. Wagh
  5. Sunil Dambhare
  6. AmolUbale

We received 18 project nominations from various collegiate clubs from Western Section. The project titles of these projects are as follows:

Vehicle System Category

  1. Design And Manufacturing of Automatic Torque Biasing Differential
  2. Design of Propeller Shaft Using Composite Material
  3. Analysis of Vehicle Compatibility With Respect To Bumper Design of M1 Vehicles under Crash.
  4. Automatic Brake In Hill Station

Vehicle Engineering Category

  1. Reduction In Gear Shifting Effort Of Passenger Vehicle Reduction In Gear Shifting Effort Of Passenger Vehicle
  2. Design & Optimization Of A-Pillar Of Passenger Car
  3. Design Analysis& Manufacturing of Intake & Exhaust Manifold of Single Cylinder Engine

Engine & Emission Category

  1. Turbocharging of Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine for Formula Student Race Car
  2. Design of a Setup for the Production of Plastic Fuel (Pyrolysis) and Testing of the Fuel In CI Engine
  3. Thermo-Mechanical Stress Analysis of a Commercial Vehicle Exhaust Manifold Using Numerical Techniques
  4. Design and Computational Simulation Of EGR Cooler
  5. Optimization Of 2-Stroe Petrol Engine
  6. Production and Engine Performance & Emission Evaluation of Karanja & Jatropha Based Biodiesel
  7. Development of a Turbocharged Engine for a Two Wheeler

Others Category

  1. Comparing performance of Monotube and twin tube dampers by experimentally calculating equivalent damping coefficients
  2. Development of Rear View Mirror Impact Test Rig
  3. Optimization of Refrigerator Baseplate for Structure Borne Noise reduction through Numerical Simulations
  4. Terrain Simulator

There were 5 panel of judges who comprising following members:

  • Manohar K. Chaudhari, Consultant, CIRT
  • Vinay Mundada, Consultant
  • N. P. Wagh, Director, Vector Engineering Solutions
  • Bharat V. Dhimate, Consultant
  • Ashok Kumar V. A., Consultant, Tata Motors
  • Sanjay Nibadhe,
  • Parthasarathi Patnaik
  • Swarupan and Sewalkar
  • Devendra Mandke
  • Rupesh Gosavi
  • Krishnat Patil
  • Deepak Bhoir
  • Ramesh S. Pasarija

Each team was given 15 minutes to present their project, which are developed during their final year of Engineering. The presentation was followed by Question & Answer round from the Judges.

The Judges presented their view on the entire competition and commented on the projects contested for the competition. All the judges were very satisfied with the quality of the projects made by the students. This year we haveintroduced innovation award as a separate category for bext innovative project.

The award ceremony was conducted during SAE Annual Social. There were total 4 prizes were awarded and rests of the participants were given the certificate for participation.

The Winner of Project Competition was awarded Mr. Shreyas Sarage from College of Engineering Pune for ‘Design& Optimization of A-Pillar of Passenger Car’. He was felicitated with a Trophy and certificate along with prize money of Rs.10000/-.

First runners-up position awarded to Mr. Gitesh Lavhe, and Mr. Abhay Maneof College of EngineeringPune, for ‘Design and Manufacturing of Automatic Torque Biasing Differential’. They were awarded with a trophy and certificates along with prize money of Rs. 7000/-.

Second Runners-up position was shared between two teams. First team was Mr. Eshaan Ganesh Ayyar of ARAI Academy for his project ‘Thermo-mechanical stress analysis of a commercial vehicle exhaust manifold using numerical techniques’ and other team consisting of Mr. Alphonso Wayne Walter, Mr. Himanshu Nashikkar, Mr. Shramit Hegde of Don Bosco Institute Of Technology fortheir project on ‘Terrain Simulator’. Bothe teams were awarded with trophies certificates. The prize money of Rs. 5000/-was shared to both the teams.

The Innovation award was given to Mr. Gitesh Lavhe, and Mr. Abhay Mane of College of Engineering Pune, for ‘Design and Manufacturing of Automatic Torque Biasing Differential’. They were awarded a certificate of appreciation. This team would get free consultancy from 1 Crowd company to assist them to manufacture their project on a large scale.