Hands on Training on Design of Three Phase Transformer

Course Name Hands on Training on Design of Three Phase Transformer
Course Objective

Electrical Machine in our power system.

Understanding all Design and Construction requirement of Transformer.

Complete Hands on experience of basic laws require in Electrical Machine Design.

Understanding various phases of Electrical machine Design.

Roll of magnetic Circuit and its material selection criteria.

Detail understandings of Electromagnetic theory.

Use of International Standards & Design Basis for selection of core material/Copper winding/Insulating Material.

Session – 1 Transformer…..Educational and Industrial Importance.
Phases of Electrical Machine Design.
Basic requirement of transformer design.
Basic Laws
Faradays Law, Lenz Law, Right Hand Thumb Rule Etc.
Basic Concept
Induction, Self & Mutual induced e.m.f. Etc.
Some Brainstorming Question which still unanswered on transformer.
Hands on Demonstrations with explanation
Session – 2 Laws of magnetic forces
Magnetic Flux
Electromagnetic Induction
Flux linkage
Faradays Frist Law
Faradays Second Law
Lenz Law
Mutual Induced e.m.f.
Role of magnetic circuit
Effect of air gap on Magnetic Circuit
Evolution of Transformer Principle
Technical Parameter Selection and Calculation Sessions
Session – 3 Overview, Importance of International Standards
Step-1 : Design of Transformer Magnetic Circuit / Core
Calculation of volt ampere Turns/volts (Te), flux , maximum flux
density, Cross Sectional area of core, etc.
Selection Criteria of Core material
Step-2 : Design of Transformer Electric Circuit ( Winding )
Calculation of current in winding, area of winding, diameter of bare conductor, Diameter of insulated conductor, Space factor, Number of primary and Secondary turns, Window space Factor etc.
Technical Parameter Selection and Calculation Sessions
Session – 4 Numerical on Transformer Electric circuit Design.
Step 3: Selection of Insulation
Importance of Insulation
Insulation material in Transformer
Insulation on Conductor
Insulation on Stamping
Insulation Between Winding
Insulation Between Winding to core
Hands on Experience Sessions
Session – 5 Estimation of Material Requirement
Primary Winding assembly
Testing after Primary assembly
Session – 6 Insulation assembly
Secondary Winding assembly
Testing after Secondary assembly
Core Assembly part-I
Hands on Experience Sessions
Session – 7 Fixing of Bobbin
Core Assembly part-2
Fixing of Frame
Session – 8 Continuity test
Magnetic Balance Test
Winding Resistance test
Megger test
Voltage Ratio Test
O.C & S.C. Test & Parameter Calculation
Course Duration 05 Days
Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of this course, the students will be able to:

Learn the basic criteria of Transformer Designing

Understand the basic concepts and properties of material used.

Knowing Client requirements & collection of specific data for calculation of Transformer parameter.

Estimation of material requirement.

Development of Design Plan through Calculation.

Hands on experience of Transformer Design.

Testing of Self-Designed Transformer.