Skill based workshop on “Antenna Design, Fabrication and Link Budget”.

Skill based workshop on “Antenna Design, Fabrication and Link Budget”.

A Skill based workshop on “Antenna Design, Fabrication and Link Budget” was organized by Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering on 20th & 21st January 2017. Around 63 students of Third year had participated in the workshop.

Workshop contents:

  1. Antenna design and its mathematics.
  2. Fabrication Process of given antenna.
  3. Link Budget.
  4. Design of FM radio station.

The objective of workshop was hands on practice for various antenna development i.e. on the spot antenna fabrication by students. As well as hands on practice for RF long range link development and link budget.

 The students were provided with antenna material, tools, transmitter, receiver cable and connectors.

Various antennas designed by the students are as listed below,

  1. Half dipole
  2. Folded Dipole
  3. Bow-tie Antenna
  4. Helix antenna
  5. Yagi-uda Antenna (with single director)
  6. Yagi-uda Antenna (with three directors)
  7. Loop antenna
  8. Reflector antenna
  9. Slotted Antenna
  10. Meander Antenna

During the workshop, participants were able to deal with the design of various types of wire antennas for frequency 900 MHz. Students enjoyed the sessions as they practically realized the process of antenna design and development.

Outcomes of workshop:

  1. To provide basic knowledge of antenna theory.
  2. To make awareness of required design and measurement basics which will be required for different projects in radar and related areas.

The technical sessions were conducted by Mr. Anirudha Kulkarni (Akademika Lab Solution) and Mr. Mukund Bhopale (Mihir Communication). This workshop was encouraged and supported by Head of the E&TC department Dr.S.D.Shirbahadurkar and coordinated by Prof.R.R.Bukate and Prof.M.G.Pallewar.