Faculty Development Program

A Faculty Development Program on Data Science has been organized by Faculty Development Centre in Cyber Security and Data Science hosted by Department of Computer Engineering, Zeal College of Engineering & Research, Pune conducted by FDC PMMMNMTT on 10th June to 15th June, 2019. The program commenced with the National Anthem. Sonali Kulkarni, Program Manager, Inteliment Tech , joined Executive Director Prof. Pradip Khandave, Principal Dr. A. M. Kate and Head of the Department Dr. P.S. Halgaonkar for Saraswati Poojan and Lamp Lightning ceremony. After felicitation of dignitaries Head of the Department welcomed everyone and briefed about FDP. Dr. A. M . Kate, Principal ZCOER, guided participants about importance of attending FDPs for knowledge enhancement. Prof. Pradip Khandave, Executive Director, Zeal Narhe Campus, encouraged participants to get most of the benefits out of this Faculty Development Program. At the end of the Inaugural ceremony FDP Coordinators Prof. P. D. Kshirsagar and Prof. R. P. More expressed their vote of thanks towards the Dignitaries and the participants of the Faculty Development Program.

First session started with Introduction to Business Analytics, Sonali Kulkarni had elaborate the Business analytics with the example of database maintenance in departmental store . She explained and interacted with the participants about what data get generated in the departmental store. For this she involved participants in the discussion so the session became more interactive and participants got a chance to express their observations. All the details got listed out and then Sonali madam explained the correlation between the data. How these POS data are used for the POS analysis in Data Science.
Sonali Madam, enlightes the business analytics with the study case from Education field so the participants would get the analogy an didea about how the business analytics works. Participant felt a familiar approach by this case studyas most of the participants were belongs to educational field. She elaborate the concept more with the financial analytics.

Second session starts with participant introduction, participants introduced themselves along with their work in data science field. They also have suggested the outcomes they desired from this faculty development program. For the better team efforts and team work Sonali requested participants to join an activity for better understanding of how data analysts think of the data collected. Participants were very much happy to be part of such an thoughtful and knowledge gaining activity. Participant came to knoe thw working routine of the data analysts.

Sonali explained the statistical analysis of the data by presenting the example of current ICC World cup 2019. She correlate the concepts with better understanding of the participants. She focused on data collection methods of the various industries, she took an example of chocolate customer survey. She mentioned the importance of question chart for data collection. She explained the graphs and analysis provide to the industries with quantitative and qualitative approach for data analysis. For the participants understanding she have mentioned and refreshed the concepts of data mining such as correlation, correlation coefficient, regression, regression line, classification.

For the next session Sonali focused on the concept of probability. Probability was explained with the help of random variable, continuous variable , probability distribution concepts. The concepts like Normal Distribution standard normal distribution had also explained by the resource person. The session ends with decision rule and hypothesis concepts.

Further sessions involved the hands on session of Introduction Python programming language. Expert started with the basic concepts of languages and involved each participant with one to one interaction while hands on session. Expert assigned programmatic assignments to participants for the better understanding. At the last session an exam was conducted with a very unique way. The participants faced the exam with all the preparation they have done in the session of the Faculty Development program. After exam the Certificate distribution program was organized. Faculty Development Program Coordinators distributed the Participation certificates and expressed their sincere gratitude towards the participants for participating in the FDP. Participants thanked Coordinators and resource persons for such an knowledgeable treat of recent trends in Data science.

90 participants have participated in this Faculty Development Program from the various educational and industrial institutes. Faculty Development Program coordinators expressed their sincere gratitude towards the Head of the department Dr. P. S. Halgaonkar, Principal Dr. A. M. Kate and Executive Director Prof. Pradip Khandave for their continuous guidance and support to organize this program