Sindhutai Sapkal Ashram Visit

Sindhutai Sapkal Ashram Visit

Objective – To Understand the Social Work of Sindhutai Sapkal.

On Wednesday, 25th February 15 MBA students & one faculty member of Zeal College of Engineering & Research have participated in Sindhutai Sapkal Ashram Visit. The day fantastically started in early morning where more than 15 students were came at Zeal Campus. All students were present in the campus in Uniform. All students have departure towards Sindhutai Sapkal Ashram at 9am from college.

All the students have managed to reach at decided place upto 11am. Students have taken the group photo at the entrance with official personnel of Ashram. The formal session was started at 11.30 where Vidya Tai has given brief explanation about how ashram runs & Mai able to manage all the ashrams. Vidya Tai also explained the struggle story of Sindhutai and asked encourage people to visit at ashram in future. At 12.30 all students have met to Sindhutai Sapkal where students asked her the questions and Sindhutai have given the answers in her style.

It was perfect experience to all the students to understand the management of the Sindhutai Sapkal Ashram as well as taking active part in to Visit.

Prof.Sachin Wadekar
Activity Coordinator

Dr.Rishikaysh kaakandikar
HOD, Department of Management