Lab Facilities

Computer Center Lab.
Lab Area: 152.66 sq. meters.
Lab location: A-202
Lab resources:
Equipment : 74 Computer systems
Hardware : Dell optilex 3900, Pentium G650 Processor, 2 Gb RAM, 500 Gb Hard disk, 18’’ LED Monitor & Intel Motherboard, Keyboard & Mouse
Software: Auto CAD2011, Linux, windows 7, Eclipse

Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab.
Lab Area: 67.28 sq. meters.
Lab location: A-404
Laboratory resources :
Equipment : Model of boiler, Refrigerator & Air conditioning Model, Gear drive, chain drive, Belt drive Model, Clutch, Break, Shaft, Coupling Model.

Engineering Physics Lab
Lab Area: 112 sq. meters.
Lab location: A-305.
Laboratory resources:
Equipment: Optical instruments, Laser spectrometers, Lamps, Prisms.

Engineering Chemistry Lab
Lab Area: 112 sq. meters.
Lab location: A-407.
Laboratory resources:
Equipment: UV-Spectrophotometer, Digital Conductivity Meters, Flame Photometer, Redwood Viscometers, Pensky Marten’s Flash & Fire Point Apparatus, Electrical Balance, Distillation Unit, Digital pH Meters etc.

Engineering Mechanics Lab.
Lab Area: 67 sq. meters.
Lab location: A-401.
Laboratory resources:
Equipment :Simply Supported Beam, V-Belt Friction, Law of Polygon, Curvilinear motion etc.

Basic Electrical Engineering Lab.
Lab Area: 118.17sq. meters.
Lab location: A-302
Laboratory resources:
Equipment: Transformer, KCL KVL theorem kit, Star delta connected load kit, Load bank.

Engineering Graphics Lab
Lab Area: 158.8 sq. meters.
Lab location: A-411
Laboratory resources :
Equipment : Graphics Model

Basic Electronics Engineering Lab.
Lab Area: 118.17 sq. meters.
Lab location: A-303
Laboratory resources:
Equipment: CRO, Experimental kits