E-yantra Lab Inauguration & Valedictory function

E-yantra Lab Inauguration & Valedictory function

e-Yantra is a project initiated by IIT Bombay sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) through the National Mission on Educating through ICT (NMEICT). Zeal education Society has developed Embedded System & Robotic lab named as ‘Zeal e-yantra Robotic Center’ which is Inaugurated on 28/12/2018.

This lab is developed by a team of Teachers:

  1. Prof. Snehal Banarase
  2. Prof.M.R.Kalyanshetii
  3. Mr.Suresh Dattu

From Zeal Education Society’s by performing hands on experiments in a step-byStep manner with continuous efforts from June 2018 to Dec. 2018. For this purpose we have got 3 day’s Training at IIT Bombay, which was based on various tasks which we would have to complete in coming challenges. The total six tasks were assigned by IIT Bombay under Tasked Based Training (TBT). Each Task was composed of two Stages, out of which first stage is Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) carrying 30 marks of Weight. Second stage composed of two experiments based on various operations on AVR Microcontroller Atmega 2560. We have performed all these experiment in Atmel Studio Software. After successful completion of all these tasks, we are invited for online Inauguration by IIT Bombay. The lab is inaugurated by Principal ZCOER, Dr. Ajit Kate Sir, HOD E&TC Dr.S.D.Shirbahadurkar & all the Teaching Staff, Students from all departments.