Centre of Excellence for Quality Control

About Lab

The Centre is established to impart the measurement and quality control skills amongst the students. The centre is temperature controlled as per NABL norms. The centre is equipped with five inspection tables with standard illuminations, sorting bins and working trays. Students and faculty members can use this facility for all their needs in Metrology & Quality control to pursue final year project or PG/ PhD research work. The centre is having calibrated instruments to take up industrial consultancy.
The layout of the centre enables comfortable use of available resources for batch of 20 students. Informative charts are displayed for easy access to the users.

Features of the Centre

  • Granite surface plate (200cm X 100cm X 20cm)
  • Mitutoyo’s  Surface Roughness tester
  • Vernier caliper (upto 1m range)
  • Vernier height gauge (upto 60cm range)
  • Calibrated instruments for linear and angular measurements
  • Sample job for inspection purpose
  • Conventional instruments for better understanding of construction and reading skills.
  • All instruments are available in set of 5 to give better availability.