A workshop on PCB and Circuit Designing

A workshop on PCB and Circuit Designing

Department of E&TC, Zeal College of Engineering & Research. Pune As per SPPU syllabus, TE students have ESMP subject i.e. Employability skill & Mini Project. So students are supposed to design mini project as per their knowledge. So to enhance the basic building techniques & designing we have organized this workshop. The workshop was aimed to provide knowledge about simulation tool to test electronics & electrical circuit in software environment & to form a PCB(Printed Circuit Board), PCB design software named PCB 123 & to make physical PCB at home so that any student can make project on his own. The workshop was conducted by Mr. C.R.Mahajan CEO, Dolphin Lab, Pune.

Following content were covered in workshop:

 (1) Schematic Design

2) Component Footprint Design

 (3) Integrated Library Design

(4 ) PCB Design & Routing

(5) Itching of PCB