Lab Facilities

Electrical machine laboratory
Location of Laboratory: C-303-C304
Area of Laboratory: 66.15 Sq. m
Laboratory resources: Equipment: DC shunt motor with breake pulley arrangement, Three phase squirrel cage induction motor couple to compound DC generator, Three phase slip ring induction motor coupled to compound DC generator. DC shunt motor coupled with alternator, AC series motor, Single phase squirrel cage induction motor with break pulley arrangement, Single phase & three phase transformers, Portable meters, Resistive & Inductive load banks, Rheostat, Starters, Demo models (Cut sections) of single & three phase transformers, induction motor, synchronous generators & DC motors etc.

Computer Programming Lab
Location of Laboratory: C-305
Area of Laboratory: 116.2 Sq. m
Laboratory resources: CPU:70, Moniter:70, Key:70, Mouse:62, Printer:3, D link:7, LCD:4:4 Projector, Batteries:20. Software: MATLAB R2020a, CYME

Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation
Location of Laboratory:
Area of Laboratory:
67.7 Sq. m
Laboratory resources:
Equipment: CRO, Portable meters, Level / Pressure/ Displacement measurement kits, 3 phase Auto Transformers, Digital multimeters, 3 phase &1 phase lamp banks Current & Potential Transformer etc.

Power System and Protection Laboratory   
Location of Laboratory: C-308
Area of Laboratory: 66.12 Sq. m
Laboratory resources: Power Quality Analyzer, Switchgear testing panel, simulation panel of differential protection of transformer, simulation panel of protection schemes of alternator, microprocessor based relay, model of miniature circuit breaker, model of moulded circuit breaker, model of vacuum circuit breaker, air circuit breaker, model of SF6 circuit breaker.

High Voltage Engineering Laboratory   
Location of Laboratory: C-309
Area of Laboratory: 66.94 Sq. m
Laboratory resources: Equipment: Oil BDV test set up, Sphere Gap assembly, HV Schering Bridge, AC HV Tester.

PLC & SCADA Laboratory
Location of Laboratory:
Area of Laboratory:
66.12 Sq. m
Laboratory resources:
Equipment: DC Motor Trainer kit, Temperature control trainer kit, Experimental kit for potentiometer as error detector, two tank level system trainer kit, A.C. and D.C Servo motor, CRO and Function Generator. PLC Hardware: Allen Bradley – SLC 500/03 – Modular PLC, Allen Bradley – Micro Logix – 1400 – Fixed PLC. Software: Rockwell automation’s RSLINX and RSLOGIX 500, Wonderware Intouch SCADA Software

Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory

Location of Laboratory: C-403
Area of Laboratory: 65.82 Sq. m
Laboratory resources: Equipment: Analog trainer kits, Digital trainer kits, Function Generator, CRO, Digital Multimeters.

Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory   
Location of Laboratory: C-404
Area of Laboratory: 67.1 Sq. m
Laboratory resources: Equipment: Digital Storage Oscilloscope, CRO, Power Quality Analyzer, Experimental kits, Digital multimeters, 1 & 3 phase Fully Controlled converter, DC Chopper, PWM Inverter, 1HP motor with loading arrangement.

Research Laboratory
Location of Laboratory:
Area of Laboratory:
66.12 Sq. m
Laboratory resources:
Equipment: Hardware: Pentium-IV Machines (nos.) Printers- 1, Scanner, LCD -2, Monometer, Thermometer, Thermal Camera, Thermo Hygrometer Nos Software : Windows XP, MATLAB : 2019, SYME Software