From HOD Desk

ZCOER is one of the Premier Colleges offering a Course in Civil Engineering, which is often recognized as the seed from which all other branches of Engineering have grown into a mighty tree. It is located in the Building adjoining the Central Library of ZCOER.
The demand for and importance of engineers is only growing by the day as we are faced with newer technological challenges. We aim to create technically sound and practically proficient engineers who would grab any opportunity to use their skills in a real-world scenario. With the foundational principles of Civil Engineering at their core, we are confident that our students would make a positive impact in various modern infrastructural demands like the planning, designing, and building of everything from schools and cities to bridges and dams.
A number of foreign companies have set up shop all over the country as a result of the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Central Government. This has created countless lucrative avenues of employment for the skilled graduates of ZCOER’s Civil Engineering Department. This international connect would extend beyond career opportunities to professional guidance and training as well when foreign faculty would visit our campus to train and up skill our students. Even within the city of Pune, Physical Infrastructure, Affordable Housing, and Transit Hub are three sections of the Pune Smart City project where Civil Engineers are at the core. Our entire pedagogy is structured to prepare the students’ brilliant minds to tackle and conquer these opportunities.
The Civil Department of Zeal College is making its best efforts to explore the latent potential of the students and faculty members in order to be of best use to society at large. All our stakeholders – students, technicians, faculty, parents, alumni and most importantly the people of India have a large role to play in achieving our noble objective!

Dr. Pralhad Walvekar
Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)
Professor and Head of Civil Engineering