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E&TC Dept. Alumni Meet 2021

Alumni Meet session started at 11.00 am with a welcome note given by Prof. S. A. Kirve. Total 34 students were present for meeting from E&TC department.

Activity 1: The meeting started with welcoming alumni, giving welcome speech by Prof. S. A. Kirve. She also addressed the students and handover the session to HOD of E&TC department.

Activity 2: HOD of E&TC department Dr. S. S. Shirbahadurkar sir welcomes all the alumni and give details information of our college and department. He also request all alumni to give some suggestion to guide our junior students to improve their skill sets.

Activity 3: After HOD’s speech, Dr. A. A. Khandekar sir addressed to alumni by speech and give valuable message to our alumni.

Activity 4: After that students interaction session is going for 15 minutes. Abhijit Mahadik, Abhishek Birajdar gives information about market needs and some technologies available on youtube to learn. Kushal Nehete gives information of business technology. Suyog khupse and Chaitali Joshi gives suggestion to concentrate on skill sets of students. Nikhil Bhairat gives information related job opportunities in PLC Developer. All students are very happy for arranging this Alumni Meet.

Activity 5: After interaction session Prof. S. A. Kirve gives vote of thanks and conclude the meeting at 12pm.


The Electronics & Telecommunication department of Zeal College of Engineering and Research arranges various kinds of Workshops & Visits on continuous basis to enhance student’s practical & technical skill and to make them compatible with industry. To fulfill departmental goal and industry need Electronics & Telecommunication department has organized ‘BSNL’ visit so that students will get knowledge about networking. For final year engineering student have Mobile Communication subject. So to improve practical knowledge about mobile communication we have organized this visit. Training was planned in 3 parts by the BSNL administration. Part 1: Theoretical Base Building. Part 2: MSC Visit & PSTN Demo. Part 3: Visit to MTSO & Power Supply section. The training was started and had a introduction lecture on the basics of Data Communication. During this Introduction lecture the faculty member delivered simple and all the basic information related to data communication. Mr. Borawale & Mr. Jadhav Guided our student about BSNL actual working. They have given good knowledge about Tower, MSC,BSC, MTSO, PSTN etc.

A workshop on PCB and Circuit Designing

Department of E&TC, Zeal College of Engineering & Research. Pune As per SPPU syllabus, TE students have ESMP subject i.e. Employability skill & Mini Project. So students are supposed to design mini project as per their knowledge. So to enhance the basic building techniques & designing we have organized this workshop. The workshop was aimed to provide knowledge about simulation tool to test electronics & electrical circuit in software environment & to form a PCB(Printed Circuit Board), PCB design software named PCB 123 & to make physical PCB at home so that any student can make project on his own. The workshop was conducted by Mr. C.R.Mahajan CEO, Dolphin Lab, Pune.

Following content were covered in workshop:

 (1) Schematic Design

2) Component Footprint Design

 (3) Integrated Library Design

(4 ) PCB Design & Routing

(5) Itching of PCB

E-yantra Lab Inauguration & Valedictory function

e-Yantra is a project initiated by IIT Bombay sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) through the National Mission on Educating through ICT (NMEICT). Zeal education Society has developed Embedded System & Robotic lab named as ‘Zeal e-yantra Robotic Center’ which is Inaugurated on 28/12/2018.

This lab is developed by a team of Teachers:

  1. Prof. Snehal Banarase
  2. Prof.M.R.Kalyanshetii
  3. Mr.Suresh Dattu

From Zeal Education Society’s by performing hands on experiments in a step-byStep manner with continuous efforts from June 2018 to Dec. 2018. For this purpose we have got 3 day’s Training at IIT Bombay, which was based on various tasks which we would have to complete in coming challenges. The total six tasks were assigned by IIT Bombay under Tasked Based Training (TBT). Each Task was composed of two Stages, out of which first stage is Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) carrying 30 marks of Weight. Second stage composed of two experiments based on various operations on AVR Microcontroller Atmega 2560. We have performed all these experiment in Atmel Studio Software. After successful completion of all these tasks, we are invited for online Inauguration by IIT Bombay. The lab is inaugurated by Principal ZCOER, Dr. Ajit Kate Sir, HOD E&TC Dr.S.D.Shirbahadurkar & all the Teaching Staff, Students from all departments.

“MAHATech an exclusive industrial exhibition visit”

MAHATech 2019, 15th comprehensive B2B industrial exhibition was organized from 7th to 10th Feb 2019, at New Agriculture College Ground in Pune. MAHATech, has been successfully taking place for the last 14 years. MAHATech attracts more than 300 participants and more than 20000 business visitors every year. It has filled the need of the industry by providing the much needed interactive platform, thereby bridging the gap between the buyers and sellers. Being the biggest industrial manufacturing hub, Pune is very strategically located and the ideal city of Maharashtra to host MAHATech, bringing together the business houses from all corners of the state and the country. Over the years, MAHATech has acquired a sound reputation as the most rewarding business event for the industry.

MAHATech An Exclusive Industrial Exhibition Visit

MAHATech 2018 is a medium where numerous extremely important products and solutions were been exhibited. Several of these tend to be about Electronics, Automation, Machine Tools, Instrumentation, Packaging and Industrial Equipments. It focuses is Small & Medium Enterprises from Engineering, Machinery, Machine Tools, Process Equipments, Electricals & Electronics, Instrumentation & Automation equipments.

A workshop on PCB and Circuit Designing

The workshop was aimed to provide knowledge about simulation tool to test electronics & electrical circuit in software environment, PCB design software named Orcad & to make physical PCB at home so that any student can make project on his own. The workshop was conducted by Mr.Shivanand Rohinkar, Mr.Deepak Padmule from simpisis technologies.

Following content were covered in workshop:

(1) Schematic Design

(2) Component Footprint Design

(3) Integrated Library Design

(4 ) PCB Design & Routing

(5) Itching of PCB

FDP on Electromagnetics & Transmission Lines

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering of ZCOER had organized ISTE approved five days national level faculty development workshop (FDP) on “Electromagnetics & Transmission Lines “from 7th – 11th June, 2017. The goal of this workshop was to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars across different domains. This workshop had ignited the minds of the researchers for many research opportunities. As a service Zeal College of Engineering & Research, Pune focused on “Bringing out the Best in Faculties” in the field of E&TC Engineering & motivate the participants to take up research challenges. This intensive workshop was conducted by domain experts from the renowned institutes. Total 50 participants from all over the Maharashtra have attended this training program.

The resource persons for workshop were:

Dr. R.K. Shevgaonkar (IIT, Bombay)

Dr. N.V. Narasimhasarma (NIT, Warangal)

Dr. Y. Ravinder (PICT, Pune)

Mr. Mukund Bhopale (Mihir Enterprises)

Mr.Anirudha Kulkarni (MUMLAB Technologies)

Convener: Dr.S.D. Shirbahadurkar

Program co- coordinators: Dr.A.A.Khandekar

Prof. S.S. Palnitkar


Prof.S..M. Elgandelwar

The workshop focused on ideas, thoughts that elicit the technical challenges and recent research trends in following domains: Electrostatics, Magneto statics, Electrodynamics Fields, Transmission Lines, and Uniform Plane Waves.



Day & Date Session                    



Topic covered
Wednesday 07/06/2017 Session I Dr. Y. Ravinder, PICT, Pune Electrostatics –Coordinate Systems – Vector fields Gradient, Divergence, Curl – theorems and applications – Coulomb‘s Law –Gauss‘s law and applications.
Thursday 08/06/2017 Session I Dr. Y. Ravinder, PICT, Pune Electric potential –Concept of Uniform and Non-Uniform field, Utilization factor.Electric field in free space, conductors, dielectrics –Boundary conditions (dielectric-dielectric, conductor –dielectric), significance of Poisson‘s and Laplace‘sequations, Capacitance, Energy density, Applications.
Session II Dr. Y. Ravinder, PICT, Pune Lorentz force, magnetic field intensity (H) – Biot–Savart‘s Law – Ampere‘s Circuit Law –Magnetic flux density (B) –, Boundary conditions, scalar and vector potential, Poisson‘s Equation, Magnetic force, Torque, Inductance, Energy density, Applications..
Friday 09/06/2017 Session I Dr. Y. Ravinder, PICT, Pune


Session II Dr. N. V. Narasimhasarma, NIT, Warangal Maxwell‘s equation using phasor notations, Electromagnetic wave equations (Helmholtz equation), Relation between E and H, depth of penetration.
Session III Dr. N. V. Narasimhasarma, NIT, Warangal Concept of polarization, Reflection by perfect conductor-normal incidence, reflection by perfect dielectric- normal incidence, snell‘s law.
Saturday 10/06/2017 Session I Dr. R. K. Shevgaonkar, IIT Mumbai Transmission lines and smith chart
Session II Mr. Anuirudha Kulkarni, MUMLAB Technologies, Mr. Mukund Bhopale, Mihir Enterprises Hands on
Sunday 11/06/2017 Session I Mr. Anuirudha Kulkarni, MUMLAB Technologies, Mr. Mukund Bhopale, Mihir Enterprises Hands on

Avishkar 2017 – Project Exhbition

Zeal Education Society’s Zeal College of Engineering & Research, organized a State level project exhibition “Avishkar 2017” on 14/03/2017. The project exhibition was organized by Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering department for Final year Diploma (Polytechnic) students from Electronics & E& TC students. This event was a platform to showcase innovative ideas and implement models in front of industrial representatives.

Around 118 project groups comprising around 351 students from various districts like Aurangabad, Osmanabad, Sholapur, Satara, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Raigad, Panvel, and Pune had participated, exhibited their projects. These projects were evaluated by Himanshu Khanke, Prakash Shinde, Deepak Kelkar (Enigma Pvt.Ltd, Pune) Shankar Mali, Rohan Deshpande and Aniket Shinde, Pune based on criteria like Innovative idea, Product ability, Social Impact, Optimum cost and working model.

Dr. Dilip Deshmukh, PhD. Guide (Mathematics), University of Pune was the chief guest for valedictory function. He encouraged and motivated the participants for transforming their projects into the top grade products. Dr. A. M. Kate, Principal, ZCOER, Pune expressed his surprise about enthusiastic as well as innovative participation of students. The cash prizes, mementoes and certificates were awarded to winners and participants. Prof. A.N.Kulkarni, Asst.Prof. , E&TC Department conveyed vote of thanks.

Along with the Avishkar project competition ZCOER organized Mega pool campus drive for the polytechnic T.Y.Students. Hr ‘s from Tata Motors, Vishay Components, Mphasis etc. along with T&P Head Prof. Viraj Barge and all departmental coordinators conducted the pool campus drive and shortlisted students were called to respective company for technical interview and further process.

Workshop on Orientation Program for Telecommunications

Along with extra curricular activities #ZealEducationSociety conducts various co curricular activities on the campus for the betterment of its students and faculties.

#ZCOER has arranged a ten workshop on Orientation Program for Telecommunications for the E&TC students.

The main objective of the program was to make the students aware about the field of telecommunications. At Zeal we believe practical learning is the best learning. Under this program our students will be going to visit JNPT, Ambey valley etc. At Ambey valley our students will be experiencing the working of ATC @ private airport of Ambey valley.

The program was presided over by Mr. Mukund Bhople (Director, Mihir Communications), Mrs. Manisha Bhople (Director, Mihir Communications), Mr. Anirudha Kulkarni, Mr. Sumeet Bhong (Alumni E & TC, #ZCOER) and Dr. S. D. Shribahadurkar (HOD, E&TC Department)