Student Achievement Mech First Shift

Student Achievement Mech First Shift

TEAM ZON has won Smart India Hackathon 2020

Team Name: TEAM ZON

Problem Statement ID: IC475

Ministry/Organization: AICTE- MIC

Academic Year: 2019-2020

Mentor Name: Prof. Ayub Tamboli (ZCOER)

Single Point of Contact(SPoC): Prof. Rahul More (ZCOER)

Roll Name Class (2019-2020) Email
Team Leader Gaurav Talekar (M) BE
Team Member Pranav Lokhande (M) BE
Team Member Khandappa Vibhute (M) BE
Team Member Kiran Pawar (F) SE
Team Member Asmita Pawar (F) SE
Team Member Tejas Bhole (M) BE


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Student Achievement in ROBOWAR

Name of Student Participation in Venue Prize
Saurabh Chavan(BE Mechanical)
Akshay Chaudhari (BE Mechanical)
Vaibhav Khopade (Te Mechanical)
Pankaj Khutwad(TE Mechanical)
Mohit Hivare(TE Mechanical)
Shreekant Bhintade (SE Mechanical)
Sumit Patil (BE E&TC)
Karan Kadu (BE Computer)
ROBOWAR MIT College Texephyr 1st Prize Low Weight


2nd Prize
ROBOWAR PVPIT College 3rd Prize

first prize in Mega ATV Championship held at goa

Students of Zeal college of engineering & research have won first prize in Mega ATV Championship held at goa. Team have won prizes in different categories including Drag Race, Solo Dirt Race, Flat Dirt race, Endurance night Race. total prize money in the said categories are about Rs. 210000

1st and 2nd Prize in Paper Presentation Competition

Sachin S Purohit & Mahesh M Mali from Second year Mechanical Engineering Won 1st and 2nd prize in Paper presentation for topic “Innovation in RAC”. They both participated in 2 events of paper presentation competition held at 2 different colleges. Frist prize in ‘CHEMTECH – 16’ organised by Sinhgad Institute in Jan 2016 cash prize of Rs – 5000. Second prize in ‘PAPER TOSS’ organised by Bharti Vidhyapeeth University on 19 Feb 2016cash prize of Rs -2000.

Success of ZCOER Student at Innovative Project Contest

The Innovative project contest was organized by Zee media. The project of ZCOER students was shortlisted for it.

The students Aaditya Bhavsar, Sudhir Chougule, Ketan Bhavsar, Pradip Borade under the guidance of Prof. Aashish Gandigude Presented their project “Domestic Bio-Mechanical Composter” in front of Zee media representatives. For this project the student conducted market research for the existing composters available in the market. The cost of which was in the range of 2500 to 3500. And the end users or customers complained regarding existing products. It was found that the costumer complained regarding various problems like odor, evaporation, corrosion, cost etc. And the students had solved all these issues with their innovative product almost in a cost of 350 INR.


SAE INDIA and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. jointly organized SUPRA 2017 (Formula racing event) for the students of Mechanical & Automobile Engineering, in which Zeal college of Engineering’s ‘Aghanya’ racing car received prestigious ‘Best Innovation Award.’ This event was held from 26th June to 1st July 2017 at Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, U.P.

            In national level formula racing event ‘SUPRA-2017’ total 129 racing teams participated from all over India. Among all the debutant teams which participated in this event, Zeal College of Engineering’s ‘Team Racing Pioneer’ was the only debutant team which qualified all the rounds and completed the event successfully. Among 129 racing teams which participated with cars having 390 cc & 600cc engine capacity, only 31 teams reached the final round. Among these 31 teams, Zeal College of Engineering’s-Team Racing Pioneer being the only debutant team competed with just 200cc engine and bagged the prestigious “Best Innovation Award.”

            “Aghanya” the racing car received a special appreciation from the FMSCI and the German judges for its light weight of mere 163 kgs and excellent design. Inspired from this award Team Racing Pioneer has made a resolution to win all the prizes in SUPRA-2018.

            Team racing Pioneer has been participating in SAE BAJA since 2014 & is one of the top 20 teams in India which has shown consistent growth.

            For this racing event, students we guided under the able guidance of Prof. Pravin Parit & Prof. Akshay Karande. Also Zeal Education society’s Executive Director Prof. Jayesh Katkar, Campus director Dr. Sanjay Deokar,  Principal Dr. Ajit Kate, Head of Mechanical Engineering Dr. Sunil Dambhare & Dr. Amol Ubale have always extended their  support and guidance to the students.