About Department

About Department:

The Electrical Engineering Department has been at the forefront of activity at Zeal with the help of its experienced faculties and bright students. The modern infrastructure and resources create an enabling environment for our students to explore their interests within Electrical Engineering while being creative and innovative as well. With an intake capacity of 120 students, on successful completion of the course the students are awarded with a B.E. in Electrical Engineering.

The standard of education provided to the students is such that they will be able to make a mark for themselves in the world on the basis of the knowledge and practical skills gained during the course. The trained and renowned faculties aid the students in completing the course and make best use of their learning using a holistic approach of the traditional classroom learning and practical activities. To ensure the all-round development of the students, they are encouraged to participate in various competitive events at the national and international levels which not only give them exposure but also foster the much-needed qualities of leadership and team work. We are passionate about going beyond what the curriculum demands and place a strong emphasis on ensuring that the students are up to date with the latest happenings in the world of Electrical Engineering. We also encourage them to take up post graduate and research studies to further deepen their knowledge and its application. All of the above lead to a holistic approach to education which Zeal stands for at all times.


To build students technologically and ethically strong to meet the advanced technological challenges for the benefit of society and engineering industries.


1. To excel the teaching learning process by means of advanced tools.
2. To make a platform for student’s creativity, innovativeness and professional skills.
3. To inculcate research, ethics and integrity through curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
4. To provide conducive environment for leadership, employability & entrepreneurship.

Objectives of Department:

The educational objectives of the Electrical Engineering Program are to produce graduates who, within four years after graduation are able to:

  1. Be employed as a practicing engineer in fields such as design, research, development, testing, and manufacturing;
  2. Assume positions of leadership and responsibility within an organization; and
  3. Progress through advanced degree or certificate programs in engineering, business, and other professionally related fields

Future Plans:

  • To start a PhD Research Center.
  • To develop certificate courses.
  • To upgrade the resources available in laboratories.
  • To encourage students and faculties to participate in research opportunities.
  • To established industry, institute interaction.