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Parent Teacher Meet

A Parent Teacher meet was organized by IT department on 22nd Feb 2020, in the presence of 38 parents all faculty members with head of department Dr. Y.B Gurav sir and respected principal Dr. A.M.Kate sir.

Parent teacher meet started with Goddess Saraswati poojan. Dr.S.A.Ubale mam delivered a speech on department activity. Dr.Y.B.Gurav sir addressed parents regarding college policies and university results of students for academic year 2019-2020 Sem-I. Respected principal Dr.Ajit Kate sir briefed parents about new things followed in college for students to well shape and develop their career in a better way.

Meet concluded with vote of thanks and parent interaction with respective GFM and class teachers.

Hands on Training based on PLC and SCADA

Course Name: Hands on Training based on PLC and SCADA
Course Objective: ·        To understand the generic architecture and constituent components of a Programmable Logic Controller.

·        To develop a software program using modern engineering tools and technique for PLC and SCADA.

·        To apply knowledge gained about PLCs and SCADA systems to real-life industrial applications.

Course Content:
Day Program (Course) Contents
1 Concept of Automation, Need & history of automation, Basics of PLC Introduction to PLC, pin diagrams, Block diagram of PLC, Detailed information of PLC.
2 Programming by using Allen Bradly PLC &MicroLogix, RS Logix software.
3 Troubleshooting & fault diagnostics of PLC.
4 SCADA wonder ware InTouch, creating new SCADA applications, creating database of tags, creating & editing graphic display with automation.
5 Connectivity with the PLC, connectivity between software and excel, troubleshooting & applications, Practical as on existing available in college.
Course Duration: 05 Days
Course Outcome: Upon successful completion of this course, the students will be able to: –

·        Classify input and output interfacing devices with PLC.

·        Execute, debug and test the programs developed for digital and analog operations.

·        Determine I/O requirement of application, develop program and interface system with PLC

Course Photo
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