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Tree Plantation

Planting trees is a must if we want to save our planet. Since the beginning, trees have furnished us with two of life’s essentials, food and oxygen. Today, their value continues to increase and more benefits of trees are being discovered as their role expands to satisfy the needs created by our modern lifestyles.
By this view, We the Department of Computer Engineering organizing Tree Plantation Activity on 5th September 2015 at ZCOER, Pune. The program was started at 3:00 p.m. and was till 4:30 p.m. Dr. A. N. Gaikwad, Principal, ZCOER and Prof. S. M. Sangve, HOD, Computer Engineering inaugurated the activity by planting the sapling. Staffs and students continued the activity by planting the saplings. Around 80 saplings were planted under this activity.
Hence activity was successful and entertaining.

Show casing of extra-ordinary projects by students” program

Zeal Education Society’s Zeal College of Engg. & Research, Department of Computer Engineering celebrated Engineers’ Day on 15th Sept 2015 in connection with the birth anniversary of world famous engineer and Bharat Ratna recipient, Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.
On the occasion of Engineers’ Day, students presented their extra-ordinary projects. Principal Dr. A. N. Gaikwad provided their valuable guidance to all the staff & the students for research and development. Founder Director Shri. Sambhaji Katkar, Executive Director Shri Jayesh Katkar, Head of the Department Prof S. M. Sangve appreciated students for their great works done and honored them by presenting certificate and prize.

Poster Presentation” program in Department of Computer Engg

This event is inaugurated by Hon. Mr. J. S. Katkar, Executive Director, Zeal Education Society, Dr. A. N. Gaikwad, Principal, Zeal College of Engineering & Research, and Prof. S. M. Sangve, HOD, Comp and all faculty members of Computer Engineering Department.
The total 25 posters were presented from SE, TE, BE were presented. Posters in this event which were from different domains like Data mining, Internet of things, CUDA – GPU computing, Ethical hacking and information security, Mobile Computing, Cloud computing, wireless sensor network, Big data etc. Hon. Mr. J. S. Katkar Dr. A. N. Gaikwad and faculty members interacted with all participants of Poster Presentation and encouraged them for further work
The judges for this event were Prof. S. M. Kolekar, Prof. N. R. Pardeshi, Prof. Avinash Golande, Prof. D. V. Bhate, Prof. V. M. Patil, Prof. R. Kulkarni and Prof. Mrunali Umale, from Computer Engineering Department.
The first prize for this event is declared to Group no. 20 (Sharvari Kulkarni, Kirti Nair, Yasmeen Mirza). The second prize for this event is declared to Group no. 7(Aniket Dalal, Balram Chavan). The second prize for this event is declared to Group no. 24 (Akshay Jagtap, Rajdeep Karpe, Milind Joshi). Runner up for the poster presettaion is given to Group no. 16 (Raj Pingle, Devesh Chatuphale) and Group no. 22(Sneha mane, Aishwarya Bhsoale).

Hands-on session “Transformer Design”

The hands-on training is intended only for Electrical engineering students to explore the impact of Designing of Transformer as transformer is “Heart of Electrical Engineering”. This hands-on training session fills the gap between theory and practical application. It doesn’t matter how much natural talent an engineer posses, student can still improve their skills by practicing which is one of the advantage of hands on training. Training programs are more beneficial when they provide an opportunity for practicing skills. This hands-on session covers basic concepts, design aspects, material selection and market survey and its assembly, testing & its applications in various areas.
To enhance practical knowledge related to different subjects
To develop hardware skills such as soldering, winding etc.
To increase ability for analysis and testing.
To give an exposure to market survey for available components
To develop an ability for proper documentation of experimentation.
To enhance employability of a student.
To prepare students for working on different hardware projects.