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Computing, Communications, Storage and Energy

     International conference on Computing, Communications, Storage and Energy was organized between February 15 to 17, 2018 at Zeal College of Engineering and Research College, Pune.The conference was organized to provide a platform for researchers, professors, industrial experts and students from outside India and overseas a collaborative discussions in the field of research and further development in the areas of computing, communication, storage and energy, as well as to find needs of the industrial sector and the research said by Principal Dr. Ajit Kate.During this conference, a total of 76 research papers were presented outside India and abroad. On this occasion experts from different leading groups, research institutes and international universities contributed significantly.

    The conference was organized in collaboration with Savitribai Phule Pune University, Computer Society of India, Indian Society for Technical Education and International Journal of Computer Application New York.

    On the occasion of inauguration of the conference, Dr. Aditya Abhyankar, Dean of the Department of Technology, Savitribai Phule, Pune University was present as the chief guest. In his opening remarks, he said that engineering students and professors need to create a positive mentality for research.At this time, Director of the Special Graduate Program at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, and the Professor of Geo informatics Department, Dr. Nitin Kumar Tripathi describe an analysis of how biofuel can be a good source of urogen. During his speech as the keynote speaker of the conference, he was addressed to participants about the research done by him in this topic in Thailand. At this time, he noted that the Biofuel farming is the good solution to stop suicides.

At this time, Dr. Jacree Sarinonchat, Dr. Winchian Opakaw from Rajamangal Technological University, Thailand.  Dr. Ravindra Bista, Kathmandu University, Nepal,  Principal Dr. Ajit Kate, Campus Director Dr. Sanjay Deokar, Dr. Suresh Shirbahadurkar, all Department Head, Professor of various departments and students from large number were present. Professor Sandeep Kadam and Dr. Prasad Halgaonkar were organized this conference. Founder director of the organization Mr. Sambhaji Katkar and Executive Director Professor Jayesh Katkar congratulated everyone for the successful implementation of the Conference.

Free Eye Checkup camp

We the Department of Information Technology organized a Free Eye Checkup camp at department as a part of Social Activity under Information Technology Student Association (ITSA ) Dr.Deshpande from Deshpande eye Hospital & Laser Center, Kotrud Depo, Pune., visited our department to conduct this camp on 16th January 2018

More than 200 Students including staffs were involved in this activity to take the advantage of free Eye Check up. Hence the activity was successful and was helpful to each and every member involved in this activity.

BE civil Students for Panshet Dam and Varasgaon Dam

Civil Engineering Department of ZCOER has organized a site visit for BE civil Students for Panshet Dam and Varasgaon Dam on dated 08/02/2018

  1. To Learn and study the different component of gravity dam at Varasgaon
  2. To Learn and study the different component of Earthen dam at Panshet


  1. Student understood the working gate operations.
  2. Student understood different components of earthen and gravity dam

site visit for TE civil Students for Suyog Group Construction

Civil Engineering Department of ZCOER has organized a site visit for TE civil Students for Suyog Group Construction at Warje on dated 08/02/2018.

  1. To get an understanding how the theoretical knowledge is fitted in practice.
  2. To observe the different activities techniques carried out on site.
  3. To have a feel of how condition of site really is and how safety is priority.
  4. Observe the usages of machinery at construction site.


  1. Students understood the functioning of reinforced concrete slab and various RCC members.
  2. Students understood the detailing of reinforcement in slabs.
  3. Students understood how the detailing of RCC building has been done as per the IS code and what are the measure consequences at construction site while doing the site work.

site visit for SE civil Students for Lavasa Township

Civil Engineering Department of ZCOER has organized a site visit for SE civil Students for Lavasa Township on dated 09/01/2018


  1. To Learn and study the town planning aspect of city
  2. To observe the infrastructure which is developed by the lavasacorporation
  3. To Learn the various shapeand architectural aspect of different building which build by lavasacorporation

Site Visit Outcomes:

  1. After visit student will better understand the concept of town planning as lavasa is one of the privately own and well planned city.Environmentally sensitive planning is the one of the salient feature of the city
  2. Student will also experience and observe building structure like apartment retail commercial office and recreational facilities which is part of SE curriculum.

Spur A Tool for Protecting Bank

Civil Engineering Department has arranged guest lecture on “Spur A Tool for Protecting Bank”. This guest lecture was very useful not only for students but also for faculty members. Dr Sanjay Burele, Sciectist B CWPRS, Pune was present as a Resource person. He also shared his experience and current scenario in the field of research.


One week National level Short Term Training Program on “SYSTEM PROGRAMMING AND ADVANCEMENT IN COMPILER CONSTRUCTION” was organized by Department of Information Technology of Zeal college of Engineering and research during 11th to 16th Dec 2017. Total 31 participants from various engineering institutes and industries across Maharashtra state had participated in this workshop.

System programming is the activity of programming computer system software. The primary distinguishing characteristic of systems programming when compared to application programming is that application programming aims to produce software which provides services to the user directly (e.g. word processor), whereas systems programming aims to produce software and software platforms which provide services to other software, are performance constrained, or both (e.g. operating systems, computational science applications, game engines and video games, industrial automation, and software as a service applications).

The STTP is intended to explore concept and advancement in compiler construction by renowned academicians invited from IIT, NIT, State Universities etc.Resource person from industry will help faculty member to enhance their practical skill in system level programming thorough hands on seminars.

Various experts from industries and academic institutes had contributed to this workshop by their able guidance. Following topics get covered in this workshop.

  1. Introduction to System Programming & Assembler by Prof. V. Kulkarni, MIT, Kothrud, Pune.
  2. Macro processors, Loaders and Linkers by Prof Kirti S. Korabu.
  3. Compiers &b Parsers by Pratyay Kuila Assistant Professor, NIT Sikkim.
  4. Implementing Lexical Analyzer & Yacc Programming by Mrs. M.A Jawale
  5. Semantic Analysis and Storage Allocation by O.G. Kakde VNIT Nagpur, Former Director VJTI Mumbai.
  6. Code Generation and O.G. Kakde VNIT Nagpur, Former Director VJTI Mumbai.
  7. Hands on sessions for implementing Parser by M.A. Pavaskar, Senior Software Engineer, GS Lab India Pune.
  8. DFA,NDFA and Turing Machine by J.V Aghav, Professor COEP Pune.

This Short term training program was inaugurated by Dr.S. R. Sakhare, Head Computer & Engineering Department, Vishwkarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune., Dr.S.D. Shirbahadurkar, Dean Academics ZCOER  Dr. Sanjay A. Deokar, Campus Director Zeal Education Society, Dr. A. M. Kate, Principal ZCOER, Prof. Sandip U. Kadam, Head of Information Technology Department, ZCOER