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The Government’s “Make in India” initiative has attracted large amounts of foreign investments to the country with a specific focus on manufacturing. Welding is a very vast Engineering subject which covers the creation of a simple fabrication structure like gate, from underwater welding to spacecraft components and the practice of welding is basic to building infrastructure in the country. It has different levels of complexities depending on whether it is used in power plants, railway coaches, aircrafts or spacecraft. This offers an opportunity for the engineers, and the welders, not only to learn about the welding skills, but also learn about the process of welding, and how it can be managed and improved, and new fabrication practices for complex materials.

There is lot of theory, research and development, career prospects and production related practices, which the engineers can develop. By Considering all these aspects of Welding Zeal Skill Center of ZCOER had developed a well-equipped Lab.It Includes Various facilities like Welding Simulator, Live demonstration Center, Shield  Metal Arc Welding,TIG Welding,MIG Welding, Multipurpose Machine, Baking Oven etc. This lab is developed jointly in association with ADOR Welding Limited, Mumbai and Skill Center, Zeal College of Engineering and Research.Prof.Aashish Gandigude (In charge of Excellence Lab, ZCOER) introduced eminent guests and briefed about the idea behind Ador center of Excellence in welding.

Dr.S.G.Dambhare, HOD, Mechanical Engineering, introduced eminent guests about other facilities at the skill center like Automobile Excellence Lab, Machining Excellence Lab, and Power Plant Lab etc.

The Lab was inaugurated on 18th July 2016 by Mr. Deep A. Lalvani (Director Ador Welding Ltd, Head CSR Committee Ador Welding Ltd, Mumbai).On this Occasion Mr.Ramankumar (Chairman Ador Welding Academy Pvt. Ltd, Pune) guided the students regarding career prospectus and huge opportunities in the field of Welding. Mr. Lalvani congratulated Zeal Education Society for providing such unique facility for engineering students.Mr.Sanjay Gandhi, Corporate Trainer from ASPIRE praised Zeal Education Society for developing skills in the field of Automobile Excellence, Machining Excellence along with Welding. Dr.S.G.Dambhare, HOD, Mechanical Engineering, gave the vote of thanks.

Prof.Jayesh Katkar, Executive Director, Zeal Education Society, Dr.Arun Gaikwad, Principal, Zeal College of Engineering and Research, Dr.Sanjay Deokar, Director Admissions and Placement were present for the Inaugural function. Prof. Dr. C.L.Prabhune, Prof. Dr.Subash Kamal, Prof.B.D.Aldar Second shift HoD Mechanical,Prof.A.R.Suryavanshi, Prof. J.Shaikh ME-CADME coordinator, Prof.V.H.Barge TPO, Prof.P.P.Ritapure -ME Design coordinator and staff of Mechanical Engineering were present on this occasion.


Recently team “ACCELERONS” participated in “Indian super carting Series 2016” organized by “Mahankal institute of Technology”, Ujjain, M.P.  Accelerons is a group of 15 students from SE.TE, BE along with faculty Advisor Prof. A.V. Karande. Event was scheduled on 8th -10th July 2016 at MIT,Ujjain. Based on our performance at International go-kart championship, organized by LPU, Punjab where we grabbed pole position in Endurance, we were directly allowed for Dynamic Round. Technical inspection was performed to check whether vehicle meets defined rules and safety measures for Driver. Team Received special compliment from FMSCI judges regarding our safety measures in vehicle. We successfully cleared Technical inspection in first attempt. Dynamic round consists of acceleration Test, Brake test and figure of eight etc. In acceleration test we took 10 sec to cover 60 m distance but based on our engine which is only 3.5 HP, we were considered as best among all the teams and hence we got top rank in that category. Brake test was followed by acceleration test where our vehicle took 8 m stopping distance. Lastly vehicle completed figure of Eight in 37 seconds. In Dynamic round, earlier it was scheduled to complete 3 laps with 2 liter fuel but due to continuous rain there was change in the rule. Now the vehicle has to run for one lap and winner for this was declared based on minimum time. Our vehicle completed track in one minute 40 second.

   Our team won “Best Acceleration Award” and also we are ranked All India 8th among 70 teams. We heartily thankful to Dr. S. G. Dambhhare sir,HOD(Mechanical Engg.) for allowing us to participation in event and extending workshop facilities for 24×7 for manufacturing and testing of vehicle. Also we thank Dr. A.N. Gaikwad, Principal, ZCOER for his guidance and support. We are grateful to Prof. Jayesh Katkar,Ex. Director, ZES for their continuous motivation and inspiration.




  • Welcome and introduction of teacher and parent.
  • To provide information about various student oriented activities and schemes run by college like ZEAL Capsule Course.
  • To provide information about remedial classes for weak students.
  • Attendance seriousness, in fact 100 % attendance is desired in theory as well as in practical sessions.
  • Discussion regarding improving the results of weak students.
  • Suggestion from Parent to improve University results.
  • To share our vision and mission
  • To initiate Parent Teacher interaction.



The college has organized a Parent-teacher meeting on Saturday, 09th July 2016 in the college at 10:00 am. The main purpose of meet was to create a common platform, where teacher and parents come together to enrich the student’s educational experiences and discuss variety of issues, regarding all round development of students.

This meeting was chaired under Principal, ZCOER Pune, Dr. Arun Gaikwad, Prof. Bharat Aldar the Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering (IInd-Shift), Prof. Suryavanshi A.R. the Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering (Ist -Shift).

At very beginning of meeting, warm welcome was given to parents. Then Principal made parents aware of working culture of ZEAL, vision and mission of ZCOER, he also shared his worthy experience with parent as well as faculty members of department of Mechanical Engineering.

Later Prof. Bharat Aldar, HOD Mech. Dept. (IInd-Shift) Gave brief introduction of Mechanical Department to the parents.

At the end GFM shared their students progress with respective parents.

Parents Present:

Sr. No. Name of Student & Parent Name Conact No.
1 Mr.Shantanu Jadhav
2 Mrs. Sudha Jadhav 75882336362
3 Mr.Pratik Namdeo More 9623159530
4 Mr.Sangram Pratap Divekar 9422980304
5 Mr.Chetan Sunil Sonawane 9545191174
6 Mr.Patil Abhishek Muralidhar 9422790308
7 Mr. Akash Jayant Mahajan 9657899531
8 Mr. Sanjay P. Maiskar
9 Mr.Kadam Vinay Sanjay
10 Mr.Kadam Suyash Ramesh
11 Mr.Kasar Rohit
12 Mr.Khailari Jayant Mahendrakar
13 Mr.Rupesh Hanumant Kadam 9226385342
14 Mr.Prasad Vilas More 9011361395
15 Mr.Vaibhav Pandurang Aldar 9766845500
16 Yashwant Pandurang Aldar 8975719500


Sr. No. Suggestion Suggested by
1 Teach student how to solve question paper in University Examination. Mr. More Namdev Gopal
2 Try to give more attention and more focus on hard Units Mr. Vijay Pasalkar
3 Improve the infrastructure outside the campus (i.e. Road) ——-
4 Conduct Extra classes, lectures Yashwant Pandurang Aldar
5 Many parents have appreciated the efforts taken by Prof. Aldar B.D., Head & faculties team of Mechanical Engineering for the growth of the department



In the end, Prof. Shaikh J.A. thanked and assured the parent for implementation of their valuable suggestion at the earliest.

Site Visit

Site Visit
Venue: Pokale Arcade, Off Vijay Nagar, Dhayari. Day and Date: Friday;08.07.2016.

1. To generate interest in the subject Building Technology and Materials
2. To introduce different activities carried out on construction site.
3. To introduce different construction materials.

Site Visit Outcomes:
1. Students have got an idea about how the construction sites are getting developed.
2. Students could observe and study different construction materials like filling material, crushed sand, river sand, cement, fly ash brick, earthen brick, various steel bars etc.
3. students could observe brick masonry works (BMW), sequential operations in it and quality check in BMW.