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“GPU Programming and Application”

 NVIDIA Corporation, USA has recently designated ZES’s ZCOER, Pune as a GPU Education Center (GEC). CUDA Center of Excellence (CCOE) of IIT Bombay and NVIDIA Corporation are jointly conducting the workshop on GPU Programming and Applications during 28th -30th December 2015 at ZCOER, Pune.

This three days workshop on heterogeneous parallel computing and aimed at enriching the skills of students, faculty and researchers with cutting-edge techniques and hands-on experience in developing applications for many-core processors, with massively parallel computing resources like GPU accelerators.

It was 3 day event and the event began with the arrival of chief guests were- Mr. Manish Bali Director- Higher Education & Research Lead-University Relations, Asia South and Mr. Mandar Gurav, Research Scholar, CUDA Center Of Excellence, IIT Bombay.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Introduce techniques available based on NVIDIA’s CUDA environment.
  2. Enable participants to quickly get started with writing their own parallel codes on GPGPU.
  3. Provide hands-on experience in parallel programming.
  4. A brief introduction to the programming assignments, followed by independent work periods.
  5. Present case studies from different application domains

Logical Development

The department of computer engineering had organized a three days faculty

development program on ―Logic Development & Problem Solving‖ on 10th, 11th &

12th Dec 2015. Every programmer should think logically in order to develop logic for a

program but the problem arises here is how to think logically? So in order to think

logically we should learn how logic will work and how to develop logic for a program

On first day, the first session of the FDP was conducted by Prof. Deshmukh. He explained thecollaborative computing problem in IOT and how it is to be solved by liner algebra.

The second session of the FDP was conducted by Dr. Parikshit Mahalle. He defined the definition of the problem he said that every problem has a logical solution only we need to think in that perspective. The third session of the FDP was conducted by Prof. Sunil Dhore. Prof. Dhore has explained various logic models, problem solving steps and components which are essential to development of logic and problem solving approach. The second day session was conducted by Mr. Swapnil Pande. He said Logic models help us plan, implement, evaluate, and communicate more effectively. Many funders and organizations require logic models.

The third day session was conducted by Prof. S. M. Sangve. He delivered the session on teacher‘s role in engineering.

 Outcome of FDP:

This FDP brings a robust approach to bear on real challenges that can be used in all

sectors of teaching

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Student Chapter is inaugurated under Institute of Engineers (India)

Zeal Education Society’s Dnyanganga College of Engineering and Research, Pune (DCOER) was established in June 2007 which symbolized the beginning of a new era in technical education. The college has been approved by Zeal Education Society’s Dnyanganga College of Engineering and Research, Department of Electrical Engineering initiated students’ Chapter under Institution of Engineers, Pune.The Inauguration ceremony held on
12th February, 2015, 2pm in Seminar Hall of Electrical Engineering Department. This step towards students’ chapter was encouraged with the kind support of Hon. Executive Director, Zeal Education Society, Mr. Jayesh Katkar.

Principal Dr. A.N. Gaikwad initiated the thought process of all the audience present. Head of Department of Electrical Engineering Prof. S. M. Kulkarni triggered the students’ intellectual thinking and motivated them to contribute in nation building as an engineer of future.

Er. V.N. Shinde, Secretary IEI students’ chapter, Pune introduced the students about the Institution of Engineers. Er. D.B. Dhone, former Secretary IEI students’ chapter, Pune explained about various benefits and activities under Institution of Engineers. The students’ chapter benefits its members to access for IEI library, IEI guest houses all over India, research funding and many more facilities very much essential for engineers to update and enhance their knowledge. Chief Guest Mr. Shantanu Dixit, Prayas Energy Group delivered an expert lecture on Energy and Development of India”. Mr. Sanjay Kulkarni, Power Quality Consultant shared his valuable knowledge with students.

The students’ chapter was conveyed by Prof. Nachiket Kulkarni, Electrical Department. Prof. Aditi Deshpande,Faculty advisor organized overall process of student membership for IEI, Pune.   Read More….

Advances in Power Electronics & its Application in Smart Grid

Department of Electrical Engineering of Zeal Education Society’s Dnyanganga College of Engineering and Research, Pune organized a national level workshop on “Advances in Power Electronics & its Application in Smart Grid” during 6-10th January, 2015 in association with Savitribai Phule Pune University(SPPU).
The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Vijay Sonawane, Former Member , Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory commission(MERC) and Dr. Geetanjali Vaidya, BOS Chairman Electrical Engg.SPPU.
Fifty participants from all over India participated in this National Level Workshop. Eminent speakers from diverse field of technology like from academics Dr. S.S. Dambhare (COEP, Pune), Dr. Amitkumar Jain (IIT Delhi), Dr. B.E. Kushare (KKWCER, Nashik), from power sector, Mr. Vijay Sonawane, (Former Member MERC), Mr. U.G. Zalte (Former Director,Mahatransco), from industries Dr. Ajit Ghodke (Schneider Electric, Bangalore)  were invited to guide the participants. One day plant visit was scheduled to TATA Solar Power Plant, Mulashi, Pune and two hands on lab sessions were conducted in the workshop.

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IEEE sponsored Half Day workshop on “IoT”

IEEE Communication Society’s and IEEE Computer Society ‘s Pune chapter and Zeal College of Engineering & Research, Pune  together had organized Half Day workshop on “IoT” on 31/07/2015. This event was conducted by M/s Maven Systems, Pune. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Sunil Desai, CEO, Maven System ,Mr. Swapnil Khandve, & Mr. Mayur Patwa. The insights of Internet of Things were explored by all three resource persons.
Our Executive Director Mr. Jayesh Katkar encouraged the audience by delivering useful thoughts on possibilities of IoT in daily life.
Around 80 students & faculties from various colleges participated in the workshop. Industry persons from Aavaya Communications Pvt. Ltd., Pune also attended the workshop.
This event was hosted by Zeal College of Engineering & Research, Pune under the guidance of Dr. A.N.Gaikwad. The event was coordinated by Prof .R. C. Mahajan and Prof. V.D.Bavdhane.

IEEE Project Competition 2015

IEEE Communication Society’s Pune chapter and Zeal’s Dnyanaganga College of Engineering & Research, Pune together had organized Project Competition for Final year students of E&TC Engineering on 09/06/2015.
In final round, 9 project groups were evaluated by various Industrial experts and IEEE members which includes M.J.Khurjekar, G.S. Mani, Prof. S. K. Hiremath, Ajit C. Gangal, Anil S. Tavildar, S. S. Kelkar, Makrand M. Jadhav & Radhika Purandare. The selected 9 groups were shortlisted from various reputed institutes in Pune region.. The critical evaluation was done in 2 phases. Out of which, 3 groups were emerged out as winners of competition.
This event was hosted by Zeal’s Dnyanaganga College of Engineering & Research, Pune under the guidance of Hon. Principal Dr. A.N.Gaikwad. The event was coordinated by Prof. V. D. Bavdhane & Prof.R. C. Mahajan.

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Industrial Visit to British Tech Mahindra, Pune

A Industrial Visit to British Tech Mahindra, Pune was organised by I.E.T Woman in Engineering from Zeal Education Society, Zeal College of Engineering, Narhe, Pune, under the guidance of company secretary HR Manager Mrs. Deepa Dighe. This visit was organised on 16th september 2015. They delivered a excellent session on recent trends in technology and their application in real life. Recent trends in technology like Bluetooth Beacon, Technology used in magic tricks, Android application of Gandhigiri were presented in the session.

A vote of thanks was given by Prof V. H. Barge T & P Coordinator. All the students got benefited with the session and got aware with the recent trends in the technology.

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Faculty Appreciation Program

faculty appreciation program was organized by department of mechanical engineering on the occasion of Engineer’s day. The program started with the introductory speech by Dr. G. M. Kakandikar. Honorable Principal Dr. A. N. Gaikwad also appreciated faculties for their hard work and delivered an inspiring speech. To appreciate efforts and hard work of any person is a memorable moment in his life. To acknowledge this honorable Jayesh katkar sir delivered an aspiring speech on the day and felicitated faculties with appreciation letter.

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Engineers operate at the interface between science and society. To identify the great work done by our hard working engineers each year 15th September is celebrated as Engineers’ Day marking the birth day of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya, recognizing his contributions in the field of hydel energy in India.

This year also on 15th September 2015,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zeal College of Engineering and Research, which has always proved itself in providing efficient technocrats to the country, acknowledged the work of this great engineers by celebrating this day jubilantly.

on this occasion Dr. Mohan Khond from College of Engineering Pune, delivered a lecture on QFD for final year students. final year students got benefited from this lecture. Dr. Ganesh Kakandikar H.O.D Mechanical Department felicitated Dr. Mohan Khond.

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The First Day

FDP on TEACH TO LEARN AND LEARN TO TEACH was organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zeal College of Engineering and Research from 10th Dec 20l5 to 11th Dec 2015 at mechanical Seminar hall. Around 61 faculties had participated in faculty development program. The FDP was inaugurated on 10th Dec 2015 at 9.30am by Hon. Chief guest Dr. S N Sapli in the presence of Prof. A. R. Suryavanshi (HOD Mech l-Shift), Prof. B. D. Aldar, (HOD-Mech Il-Shift), coordinators and participant. Inaugural Function began with goddess sarswati pooja. Prof. P. P. Ritapure & Prof. Bokade U T program coordinator & Prof. Harakare Poonam welcomed all the dignitaries, speaker and delegates. Prof. B. D. Aldar, (HOD-Mech. II-Shift) emphasized the objective of FDP in his talk.

10th Dec 2015

Session – 1

After inauguration & tea break, the first deliberation conducted by Dr. S N Sapli Professor Mechanical Engineering Department on the topic “Equipping teachers with skills, knowledge & technique of efficient teaching”

Session – 2

For session two, Dr. A.V. Damale, Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Department delivered talk on “Outcome Based Teaching Learning Methodology”

Session – 3

ln session three Mr. Ajay Shembekar delivered talk on “Improve the quality of technical education adequately to meet the needs of the industry and economy”

Session – 4

Hands on training of CNC & VMC Software are given to the participants.

 The Second Day

The second day began with talk by Prof. A. R. Suryavanshi (HOD-Mech. I-Shift) on importance & relevance of FDP with curriculum.

The first session for second day began with the lecture by Dr. G M Kakandikar, on the topic ‘Effective conduction of lectures”

Session – 2

In session two, Prof. A U Gandigude & Prof. S S Patil delivered talk on Demo of effective Lecture & Interaction & Effective Conduction of Practicals respectively. Also, hands on training of Effective conduction of Practicals given to participants as per their specialization.

Session – 3

Hands on training of CNC & VMC Software are given to the participants.

Session – 4

In final session Prof. P.P. Ritapure delivered talk on content beyond syllabus and Dr. C R Sonawane did SWOT analysis of department in discussion with all the participants & prepared action plan for future.Program ends with vote of thanks given by Prof. Shalaka Joshi.


Zeal Math Olympiad

We had conducted ZMO at various Junior Science colleges all over the Maharashtra. There were 2 rounds of the exam, Round-I were conducted at their respective premises. From Round –I top 10 students were selected & Rs. 5000 cash prize were given to selected students. Round –II were conducted at ZES’ Zeal College of Engineering & Research. From Round-II, 13 district wise excellent students have won this competition. They were awarded by Rs. 5000 each. Mr. Swapnil Borade from Ahemdnagar has won this ZMO competition & he had awarded by Rs.51000 cash prize.

All faculty members from ZES’ Zeal College of Engineering, Electrical Department were actively participated in this grand event for making it successful.