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Workshop on “Short Term Training Program (STTP) “

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering of ZCOER had organized ISTE approved one week Short Term Training Program (STTP) on Signal and Image Processing: Theory, Simulation and Applications from 15th April, 2013 to 20th April, 2013. The objective of this program was to introduce the participants to the insight of Signal and Image processing along with its applications. Image processing is expanding rapidly with ever-new developments and applications.  The development of imaging instrumentation has inspired the evolution of new computerized image reconstruction, processing and analysis for interpretation and better understanding of images. This workshop has provided a forum for researchers and project designers to share their knowledge in the field of Image and Signal processing. This intensive workshop was conducted by domain experts from the renowned institutes. Total 50 participants from all over the Maharashtra have attended this training program.

Following topics have been discussed in this training program:

  • Fundamentals of Image Processing & Image Compression
  • Fundamentals of Signal Processing
  • Orthogonal Transforms
  • Speech Recognition
  • Wavelet Transforms
  • Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR)
  • Iris Recognition & Complex Wavelet Design
  • Face Recognition
  • Biomedical Signal and Image process

Program Co-ordinator: – Prof. N. P. Bhosale

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