On receiving the email of permission from Suzlon One Earth, Magarpatta we started for the industrial visit on Thursday 25.10.212. Mr. Dnyaneshwar Asst. Manager – Liaison Employee Support received us at the Welcome Lobby and briefed up about Suzlon – One Earth.

Suzlon- One Earth is working as an inspiration to integrate attitude, behavior and beliefs. It has created a culture which is well equipped for growth and development at both the individual and organizational level.

Its prime concern is to create a green campus as well as a brand experience for all the visitors to the campus which would not only reflect the global Suzlon brand but also provide a synergistic infrastructure branding.

Suzlon says, as we have only one Earth, we should strive hard to preserve it. Thus it is named as One Earth. The rest of the nomenclature followed easily in its footprints by taking the cue from key natural elements like Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vayu and Aakash. Each of these buildings has a lot of character, which could be identified by a name and a visual.

Each nomenclature after the sustainable element could be a story in itself and hence were named after the five energy elements of the universe in sync with Suzlon’s values of sustainability and matching its core business of renewable energy through wind. The buildings were thus appropriately named Sun Lounge, Aqua Lounge, Tree Lounge, and the Sky lounge.

Suzlon has some unique features like Rain water management system, Efficient Sunlight screening, Daylight & occupancy sensors, Efficient ventilation system, Minimizing Ozone Depletion, Rapidly renewable materials and many more.

Later on, the presentation was continued by Mr. Shyam Raj, Manager, where he explicitly explained us about the Wind Gallery and how Suzlon has made its presence feel in the other parts of the world China, India, Brazil etc.

This visit comprised mainly a short tour of the academy, starting with Energy court, business halls, training rooms, etc.

Mr. Shyam Raj briefed us about the Academy terminus which starts with the location of Co2 censors, & the blowers. It also comprises the facility & utility services that are provided at the terminus level. A walk was arranged through the BMS room, along with driver’s room facilities, Clinic, Recreation hall, Waterfront cafeteria, and CSR gallery & finally the Central park.

Suzlon One Earth has world class infrastructure. It has work stations designed in a way that each person has unobstructed view of the surroundings with sufficient working space to themselves. Special arrangements have also been made such as meeting rooms, hot desks, and interactive bays for informal interaction.

There are large open spaces covered with an immaculate blend of greenery and water bodies which are ideal for official gatherings and functions, interactive sessions etc. This is further complimented with a state of the art technology.

Suzlon One Earth is a LEED certified building (leadership in Energy & Environment Design) rating.

Visiting Suzlon – One Earth has been a learning experience for all the students. Permanent fixtures such as quotes, stone engravings, and inspirational personalities have been displayed as a part of branding.