Student Association

Mechanical Engineering Students Association was established in the year 2009. It plays an important role in the development of student as an engineer not only in academic as well as by various co-curriculum and extra curriculum activities. Under this association, various activities are organized by which MESA aims to provide the platform for all the students of Mechanical Engineering. The various activities organized are expert lectures, workshops, quiz, competitions, industrial visits, aptitude tests, guidance for exams like GATE, CAT, GMAT, CET, GRE, TOEFL and competitive exams.

Membership Eligibility:

All the students admitted in the engineering undergraduate program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Danyanganga College of Engineering and Research, Pune, is eligible for membership.

MESA Inauguration:

MESA has been inaugurated on 10th Feb. 2010 at Dnyanganga College of Engineering and Research, Pune. The chief guest of the function was Mr. Nitant Mate along with Founder Director of Zeal Education Society Hon. Shri S. M. Katkar, Secretory – Shri Katkar, Technical Advisor – Dr. G. S. Tasgaonkar, Principal – Dr. P. J. Awasare, HOD (Mech) – Dr. R. R. Arakerimath, MESA Staff Coorinator – Prof. A.R. Suryavanshi and all staff members and students of Mechanical Engineering Department.


                      (MESA) COMMITTEE FOR A.Y. 2016-17


1 CHAIRMAN Dr. Kate A.M.
2 PRESIDENT Mr. Pisal Akshay
3 VICE-PRESIDENT Mr. Wayal Kshitij
4 SECRETARY Mr. Malusare Tejas
5 TREASURER Mr. Jadhav Suraj
6 MESA CO-ORDINATOR Prof.Deshmukh J.A.
7 Class Co-ordinator
  1. Mr. Pradip Panhalkar(BE-E)
  2. Mr. Ajinkya Pawar  (BE-D)
  3. Mr. Swarup Yenpure (TE-E)
  4. Mr. Sohel Inamdar (TE-D)
  5. Mr. Meet Sanjeev Zambre (SE-D)


8 Ladies Representative Ms. Vaishali Pandit


                Prof. Deshmukh J.A                                                    Dr. Kate A.M.

              MESA Co-Ordinator                                                   HOD (Mech-II)


Welcome function for S.E. (Mechanical) students to the Department:

The welcome function (Fresher’s Party) for S.E. (Mechanical) students to the department was organized by MESA on 23rd Aug. 2011. This was small interaction of S.E. students with their faculty and senior students so that they feel comfortable for sharing their ideas and views. This helps the new students to deal with the department and their senior class students.

Lathe Workshop:

This workshop was organized by MESA on 25th Feb. 2010 to 27th Feb. 2010. In this workshop about 30 students was participated. Such workshop gave the practical knowledge of Lathe Machine to the students. The drawings of various objects were provided to the student which includes almost all the operation of Lathe Machine. The student had to manufacture that object from the drawing. Also there are competitions on Lathe Machine called “Lathe War” organized by various institutes. This workshop helps the students to prepare for such kind of competitions.

Robotics Workshop:

This is another workshop organized by MESA on 15th and 16th OCT. 2011. This is the Level – I workshop especially for First Year and Polytechnic students of Zeal Institute. The Level – I is about building a manually controlled wired robot. About 30 teams were participated for this workshop. Three students per team were allowed and the fee for this workshop was Rs. 1500. One Kit was provided for each team which includes materials required for building a robot. This workshop helps the students to build their own robot. It also helps the students to participate at various competitions of ROBORACE, ROBOWAR and ROBOTASK organized by IIT’s and other institutes.

Traditional Day:

Tradition Day was organized on 11th Feb. 2011 by MESA. All the Students from Mechanical Department came into the college in Indian traditional outfits. The students organized bullock art rally in the college campus.


SAE-INDIA Mechanical Department of Dnyanganga college of engineering & research (DCOER) Pune has successfully completed a guest lecture on SAE-INDIA Collegiate Club & SAE organized competition like BAHA & SUPRA on 27th july2013 at polytechnic seminar hall for second & third year students & all teaching staff under the MESA committee.

NSS Student Activities:

NSS Student chapter of Zeal College of Engineering and Research has always engaged in various social activities. For the academic year 2015-16, following student volunteers from Mechanical Department are working actively under the guidance of NSS Co-ordinator Prof. Kashid A. A.


1 Dhonde Rushikesh Mechanical TE-B
2 Komesh Gaikwad Mechanical TE-B
3 Mayur Gade Mechanical TE-B
4 Ramkrushna Aute Mechanical TE-B
5 Ruchit Bogam Mechanical TE-B
6 Mahesh Deokate Mechanical TE-B
7 Mahesh Chaudhari Mechanical TE-B
8 Akshay Kale Mechanical TE-B
9 Pratik Phule Mechanical TE-B
10 Siddhesh Shinde Mechanical TE-B
11 Sagar Poman Mechanical TE-B
12 Aniket Salunkhe Mechanical TE-B
13 Sandip Ghatge Mechanical TE-B
14 Shantanu Jadhav Mechanical SE-B
15 Apurv Chaudhari Mechanical SE-B
16 Unwane Dnyanraj Mechanical TE-B
17 Shubham Khiste Mechanical SE-B
18 Ajinkya Pawar Mechanical TE-B
19 Shukla Ankit Mechanical SE-B
20 Manik Thorbole Mechanical BE-B
21 Akash Rokade Mechanical TE-C