Student Association


Computer Engineering Students Association was established in the year 2009. It plays an important role in the development of student as an engineer not only in academic as well as by various co-curriculum and extracurricular activities. Under this association, various activities are organized by which ACES aims to provide the platform for all the students of Computer Engineering. The various activities organized are expert lectures, workshops, quiz, competitions, industrial visits, aptitude tests, guidance for exams like GATE, CAT, GMAT, CET, GRE, TOEFL and competitive exams.

Membership Eligibility:

All the students admitted in the engineering undergraduate program in the Department of Computer Engineering at the ZEAL College of Engineering and Research, Pune, is eligible for membership.

Restructuring of ACES:

Restructurings of ACES on 20th Aug. 2011 which is followed by valuable knowledge and experience by HOD by Prof. S.M.Sangave.

Road Safety Awareness Week



A great event organized by Zeal college Of Engineering,Pune.The Department’s activities in education and awareness form an important contribution to its efforts to foster road safety knowledge in the Emirate as they focus on the users of the namely drivers, riders and pedestrians. This event was also captured by Times Of India in pune region.

For this event Commissioner of PMC ,Joint commissioner,Deputy RTO were present who guided the students for road safety measures and precautions .The event concluded with distribution of Vega Helmets to Reporter .

Birth Anniversary Of Swami Vivekananda

National Youth Day was celebrated in our college on the occasion of birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda on 12 Jan’16 . Hon.Jayesh Katkar(Executive Director,ZES) motivated the students by telling them the importance of Youth Power.


Engineers day celebrations

On 15th Sep, 2015, Students of computer Department have taken an opportunity to show their gratitude to Sir M. Visvesvaraya. Students started this ceremony with Goddess Saraswati & Sir M. Visvesvaraya frame hallowing. Faculties and students have shown their respect and warm thanks to Sir M. Visvesvaraya by giving speeches on this precious event and many entertainment activities.

eng day

A poster session is a good way to disseminate your work A poster session is ideal for the early stages of the research, when you may not have much more than an idea, and you stand to benefit a lot from discussing your idea with other researchers from the same field. You may get some valuable pointers, and perhaps other conference goers will find your idea interesting. I’ve had some productive conversations with presenters at poster sessions.

Teachers day celebrations

On 5th Sep, 2015, Students of Computer Department have taken an opportunity to show their gratitude to their teachers. Students started this ceremony with Goddess Saraswati & Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan frame hallowing. They have paid their respect and warm thanks to their teachers by giving speeches. Besides this, they have celebrated this ceremony by presenting colorful flowers and gifts to the teachers as tokens of love and admiration. lectures are conducted by final year students to SE/TE computer students & entertainment activities. we appreciate last year student giving gifts to the student as tokens of love.


TGIF Brain Teaser Contest!!

On behalf of Association Of Computer Engineering Students(ACES), organized brain teaser contest on every friday which was “Thank God It’s Friday!!!(TGIF)”.


Seminar On “Cloud Computing”

Department of Computer Engineering organised seminar on “Cloud Computing” on saturday (27/7/2014).Where as seminar on  “Stress Management” deliverd by Mr.Sunil Pandkar, Managing director,Flowian Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Mr.Prakash Vasekar Director,Flowian Solutions Private Limited,Pune.

Welcome function for S.E. (Computer) students to the Department

The welcome function (Fresher’s Party) for S.E. (Computer) students to the department was organized by ACES on 23rd Aug. 2011. This was small interaction of S.E. students with their faculty and senior students so that they feel comfortable for sharing their ideas and views. This helps the new students to deal with the department and their senior class students.

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