Student Association

We have
MESA – Mechanical Engineering Students Association
CESA– Computer Engineering Students Association
IESA– information Technology Students Association
EESA– Electrical Engineering Students Association
CESA– Civil Engineering Students Association
ETHOS– Electronics & Telecommunication Hierarchal Organization of Students

Student of Engineering Science (FE) may take membership of above association.
We have decided to form First Year Engineering students’ Association (FESA) from 2017-18 academic session.

With the inauguration of this magazine, first year students have taken various academic and non academic activities and provided a platform for their creativity through magazine collection board since 2011.
Some of the featured activities are

1) Engineer’s day
2) Independent day
3) Teachers day
4) Technical and non technical subjects
5) Pictures and drawings
6) Poems

“UDAAN” is likely to be published in Feb 2012 during “NIRMAAN-2012”.

Editor:- Parag Joshi

Editorial team:-
1) Ganesh Jori 2) Tejasvi Kashid 3) Sourabh Joshi 4) Rahul Koli 5) Vrushali Khopkar
Dr. A. N. Gaikwad, Principal, DCOER Pune and Prof. S. B. Thakare FE Coordinator.