ME Mechanical (CADME)

It gives me an immense pleasure in introducing the most recent and unique course in University of Pune and in the state of Maharashtra i.e. M.E. Mechanical-Computer Aided Design, Manufacture and Engineering. Recent advances in Digital Computer Technology have made incredible developments; the way products are developed, delivered and serviced. Modeling platforms from Siemens, Dassault Systems & PTC made it possible to see and touch products virtually. Analyzing with Finite Element Solutions like Ansys, Abacus, Ls-Dyna and Hyperworks has reduced failures and increased safety in products. Simulation has given the ability to imitate real life situations, to understand and design them better. The process modeling with Forming Suite, Simufact Engineering, Forge, Deform, QuantorForm, AutoForm and PAM STAMP 2G have increased process efficiencies. The developments in Product development and design techniques have made products more liked by customers. Product Life Cycle Management has covered all the aspects of designing, manufacturing, delivering, maintaining and lastly disposing of products. The syllabi of course thoroughly cover all these aspects along with their analytical and theoretical treatments. The department has highly qualifies and expertise faculty in CAD/CAM/CAE. Labs are equipped with latest software’s. Industry experts do frequently visit for sharing upcoming technologies. We have academic tie ups with industries and many more will come in existence in couple of days. I wish all my students a wonderful experience in the field of most exciting CAD/CAM/CAE world.

Prof. S. S. Adewar