ME Electical (Power Sys.)

Specialization : Power system

Skills gain by them: We have trained our students to take technical and social responsibilities which results in their contribution to the economical development of our country.

Subject included in each year :
First year:
Sem -I Sem-II
1) Computer Applications in Power Systems 1) Power System Dynamics
2) Power Sector Economics and Management 2) Power System Planning & Reliability
3) Power System Modeling 3) HVDC and Flexible AC Transmission
4) Research Methodology 4) Power Quality Assessment and Mitigation (Elective-II)
5) Advanced Power Electronics (Elective-I ) 5) Lab Practice-II
6) Lab Practice-I 6) Seminar-I
Second year:
Sem -III Sem-IV
1) Advanced Power System Protection 1) Seminar III
2) Digital Signal Processing and its Applications 2) Project work stage II
3) Open Elective
4) Seminar II
5) Project Stage – I
Elective – I Elective – II
i) Advanced Power Electronics
ii) Partial Discharges in Electrical Power Apparatus
i) EHV AC Transmission
ii) Power Quality Assessment and Mitigation
Open Elective-
i) Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic
ii) Renewable Energy Sources and Smart Grid