Lokmat Maha Marathon

Lokmat Maha Marathon

Objective – Develop Physical strength & mental aletrtness in Mind of budding managers.

On Sunday, 16th February fifty five MBA students & five faculty members of Zeal Education Society have participated in “Lokmat Maha Marathon.” The day started in early morning where more than 55 students were came at Zeal Campus. All students have received KIT for the Marathon in the campus. All students have departure towards Balewadi Stadium at 5 am from college.

The marathon place was fully crowded and students were excited to run. The marathon was organized for various catagories like 21 Km, 10Km, 5Km & 3Km. Our all students have participated in 5Km segment.  Many people across the Maharashtra were present for the event. Students have done necessary warm up at the beginning & then they have taken part in to marathon. 5Km marathon have started at 6 am in the morning. All the students from MBA have participated actively and completed marathon successfully. Our two students have secured rank in top 10 for 5Km marathon. The entire completed participants have received Medal. After having the breakfast at stadium students have captured some photos and came back to institute at 10am.

It was such a great experience to all the students to understand the management of the entire marathon program as well as taking active part in to it.

Prof.Sachin Wadekar
Activity Coordinator

Dr.Rishikaysh kaakandikar
HOD, Department of Management