Internet of Things: A hands on Approach

Internet of Things: A hands on Approach

We started this workshop with CSI inauguration with the graceful presence of Mr.Vasant sathe (CSI Chairman Maharashtra & Goa) and IOT Workshop Resource person Mr.Tushar Kute (MITU SKillologies).after inauguration Mr.Tushar Kute started workshop in IBM lab with the introduction with IOT and its era. Following syllabus point s taken in the workshop,

Day-1 [06 Hours]

Introduction to Internet of Things

– IOT Architecture

– Impact of IoT

– IoT Privacy, Security and Governance

– Current Trends and Research Opportunities in IoT

– Introduction to different IOT boards based on Processor and controller

* Introduction to Raspberry Pi

– Architecture, features and versions

– Embedded Developer Suit

– OS for ARM architectures

– OS installation

– Raspbian Fundamentals: Working in GUI / Terminal Mode

– Complete Raspbian configuration

– Introduction to GPIO

-Installing, updating, upgrading the packages

– Networking and accessing via ssh or telnet or PuTTY

– Sensors and GPIO interfacing

Day-2 [06 Hours]

IOT Design using Raspberry Pi

– Introduction to RPi python programming

– Blinking the LEDs, Fading the LEDs

– Ringing Buzzers by various ways

– Interfacing the IR sensor

– Interfacing LDR sensor

– Interfacing the Ultrasonic distance Sensor HC-SR04

– Installation of extra libraries in Python

– Interfacing the Temperature sensors – DHT11

– Creating the Sensor – RPi – Actuator system

– Collecting the sensors data.

– Informing the user through internet.

  Total 54 participants’ admitted in workshop (29 participants from IT Department and 25 students from Computer Science Department) and successfully attended 2days workshop.

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