Conference Tracks & Topics

International Conference on Information, Communication, Engineering and Technology (ICICET-2018) which is technically IEEE sponsored for deliberating with renowned experts in this field. ICICET-2018 will provide a platform to discuss the strengths, weakness and opportunities involved in sustainability of innovation in Computer Engineering, Information technology, Electronics & Telecommunication and Electrical Engineering with respect to current global industrial scenarios.

Topic of interest:

(Topics of interest include but are not limited to the list as follow)

Big data and Information Retrieval

Big Data Science, Big Data Models and Algorithms, Data Computing, Data Mining algorithms, Data Analytics, Data Understanding, Data Applications, Mining, and Visualization, Big Data Applications, Enabling Resources for Big Data Research, Data visualization, Big Data Architectures, Big Data Management, Quality of Big Data Services, Big Data Search, Networking and Broadcast Technologies. Novel Computational Methodologies; Algorithms for Enhancing Data Quality; Models and Frameworks for Big Data; GraphAlgorithms and Big Data; Computational Science; and Computational Intelligence, Multimedia and Big Data; Social Networks; Web Search and Information Extraction; Scalable Search Architectures; Cleaning Big Data (noise reduction), Acquisition & Integration; Visualization Methods for Search.

Networking and Broadcast Technologies

Optical Fiber Communication, Cognitive Radio, Wireless Network, Mobile & Broadband Communication, Audio, Video Engineering and Computer Networking & Broadcasting Computing and Processing Internet of Things (IoT), Signal & Image Processing, Video Processing, Information Theory & Coding, VLSI & Embedded System and Cloud/Cognitive Computing.

Robotics and Control Systems

Advanced Motion Control, Haptics, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems, Micro/Nano Motion Control Systems, Intelligent Motion Control Systems, Nonlinear, Adaptive andRobust Control Systems, Motion Systems for Robot Intelligence and Humanoid Robotics, CPG based Feedback Control, Morphological Control, Actuators and Sensors in Motion System, Motion Control of Aerial/Ground/Underwater Robots, Advanced Dynamics and Motion Control, Motion Control for Assistive and Rehabilitative Robots and Systems, Systems and Signals

Power, Energy and Industry Applications

Control and protection of power systems, PMU and wide area measurement applications in transmission system, Grid Security, ABT, Power electronics applications in Electrical Drives, Generation, transmission, distribution systems& intelligent grids. HV substations and their grounding practices.Ultra High Voltage AC systems.Renewable energy forecasting and scheduling, Smart Energy systems to enable Smart Cities, Distribution Automation, Energy Storage and the Grid, Restructuring and Deregulations in energy market. Power Quality issues,Efficient lighting.

Internet of Things

IoT, IoT applications, Machine to Machine/Device Communications; Network Design and Architecture; Networking and Communication Protocols; Wireless Systems and Applications; Infrastructure Management; IoT and e- Government, e-Commerce, e-Science and Novel Technologies;Fog computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Fog networking, Edge computing, Cyber physical system Home Automation; Services Computing; Health Informatics as a Service, IoT and Big Data; Large Scale Deployments; Mobile Services; Knowledge Management; Location-awareness; Security and Privacy; Social Implications of IoT; Technological focus for Smart Environments; Smart City/Smart Village Case Studies; Data Analysis and Visualization; Architecture for secure and interactive IoT; , Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Internet of Things and Social Web of Things; Intelligent Infrastructure and Guidance Systems; Sensor Networks, Remote Diagnosis and Development; Transportation Management.

Cloud Computing and Fog Computing

Intercloud architecture models, Cloud services delivery models, campus integration &"last mile" issues, Networking technologies, Programming models & systems/tools, Cloud system design with FPGAs, GPUs, APUs, Storage & file systems, Scalability & performance, Resource provisioning, monitoring, management & maintenance, Operational, economic & business models, Green data centers, Computational resources, storage & network virtualization, Resource monitoring,IoT cloud architectures & models Cloud-based dynamic composition of IoT, Cloud-based context-aware IoT, Mobile cloud architectures & models, Green mobile cloud computing, Resource management in mobile cloud environments, Cloud support for mobility-aware networking protocols, Multimedia applications in mobile cloud environments, Cloud-based mobile networks and applications.
Edge and Fog Computing Infrastructures for Fog Computing,Middleware for Foginfrastructures,Programming models and runtime systems for Fog computing, Scheduling for fog infrastructures, Fog storage, Monitoring / Metering of Fog Infrastructures Fog computing applications,Legal issues in Fog,New Edge-IoT computing architecture for data sensing and processing, 5G communication architecture and protocols for IoT paradigm.

Components, Circuits, Devices and Systems

Microelectronics, Mechatronics & MEMS System, Microwave Technology, Power Electronics & Semiconductor Devices, Control System Engineering, Nanotechnology and Quantum based Electronic Devices & systems.

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