Hands on Training based on PLC and SCADA

Hands on Training based on PLC and SCADA

Course Name: Hands on Training based on PLC and SCADA
Course Objective: ·        To understand the generic architecture and constituent components of a Programmable Logic Controller.

·        To develop a software program using modern engineering tools and technique for PLC and SCADA.

·        To apply knowledge gained about PLCs and SCADA systems to real-life industrial applications.

Course Content:
Day Program (Course) Contents
1 Concept of Automation, Need & history of automation, Basics of PLC Introduction to PLC, pin diagrams, Block diagram of PLC, Detailed information of PLC.
2 Programming by using Allen Bradly PLC &MicroLogix, RS Logix software.
3 Troubleshooting & fault diagnostics of PLC.
4 SCADA wonder ware InTouch, creating new SCADA applications, creating database of tags, creating & editing graphic display with automation.
5 Connectivity with the PLC, connectivity between software and excel, troubleshooting & applications, Practical as on existing available in college.
Course Duration: 05 Days
Course Outcome: Upon successful completion of this course, the students will be able to: –

·        Classify input and output interfacing devices with PLC.

·        Execute, debug and test the programs developed for digital and analog operations.

·        Determine I/O requirement of application, develop program and interface system with PLC

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