“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest: Benjamin Franklin.”

Education is most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. This is the era of Computer. Nowadays computer has become most important because it is very much meticulous, fast and can complete many tasks easily.

The aim of Computer Engineering department is to develop young graduates who will become perspicacious bellwethers in industry, government, and academia. This department is having good academic-industry relationship so that graduates from this department will work in scientific, mathematical, and technical field.  Engineers  from this department will develop the ability to analyze, synthesize, and design both core components of modern computing systems and integrated application systems centered around computers through learning the scientific substructure for hardware and software engineering and applying it in engineering exercises; and by denotes of general edification courses, they enhance their ability to communicate and acquire a construal and appreciation for other areas of human perspicacious achievement.

Prof. Mane Prashant M.
PG Coordinator
Dept. of Computer Engg.