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The Electronics and Telecommunication department is one of the best and largest departments. It has invested in equipments & software over Rs.1.3 crore. Other facilities include excellent infrastructure of 6 classrooms with LCD, OHP projection facilities, 12 laboratories and other amenities along with departmental library. All the laboratories are designed as per AICTE norms and curriculum of University of Pune. The main objective of the department is to impart strong background of theory and practical in core electronics, radio and Light wave communication including satellite, wireless and Optical Communication Systems, Television Data Communication and much more. The course focuses on the design, construction and management of electronic circuits, communication systems, electronic control and instrumentation systems.

We boast a group of devoted and sincere workforce. Most of our faculty members are pursuing PhD to impart knowledge in the best possible way. They have also published research papers in reputed journals, such as Elsevier- Science Direct, IEEE and other national and international conferences. Staff members are also involved in consultancy and research projects. Every year the department conducts various workshops for student development.

We also encourage participation of students in various co- curricular and extra- curricular activities. Our students have bagged several prizes in various technical seminars; paper presentations, project competitions as well as in prestigious cultural events like Purshottam Karandak, Firodia Karandak, Ranaangan, Talentron and many other sport events.

We aim to create Electronics and Telecommunication graduates who utilize the opportunities in today’s growing communications era and to create a vibrant and stronger India through Electronics and Telecommunication technology.

Dr. S. D. Shirbahadurkar
(Professor, Head of Department Electronics & Telecommunication , Dean Academics)
Phone no.:- 020-67206121(Office)