From HOD Desk


   ZCOER is one of the best Engineering colleges in Pune offering Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering is recognized as the mother branch of Engineering and has kept pace with the growing technological world. Civil Engineering department of Zeal College of Engineering is determined to offer and maintain the high standards in extremely competitive and demanding world.
The Civil Department, which has its operations in the building next to ZCOER Central Library, intends to foster technically sound engineers to keep abreast with recent technological trends. It is aimed at attaining an understanding of basic scientific principles by the students. Our students will certainly contribute in conceiving planning, designing and building infrastructure – roads, irrigation, canals and dams, power houses, buildings, schools, Universities, hospitals, communication towers, bridges, tunnel, airports, harbours, towns and cities.
With the launch of ‘Make in India’ campaign, many industries are now being set up in Maharashtra and all over India. With the advent of foreign industries in India comes a large number of job availability for our youth. Once we have foreign investments, we will foreign faculty lectures and seminars to train our students about their expectations and work culture. If we chose to concentrate just on Pune City, there are unlimited opportunities even there. Physical Infrastructure, Affordable Housing and Transit Hub are three of the most important features of Pune Smart City. In all these spheres Civil engineers will be at the core. It is the domain of civil engineering. We at ZES strive to prepare our students for these opportunities.
The Civil Department of Zeal College is trying to fully explore the potential of students and faculty members in order to serve the society. This can be achieved by full cooperation of all our stakeholders – students, technicians, faculty, parents, alumni and most importantly the people of India.

Dr. Walvekar P. P.

Ph.D.(Environmental Engineering) (IIT Roorkee)
H. O. D.,
Department of Civil Engineering