From HOD Desk


I welcome you to Engineering Science (FE) Department of Zeal College of Engineering and Research. The First Year Engineering (FE) is a common curriculum for all programs with major subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Basics of Mechanical-Electrical-Electronics-Computer Engineering. Department develop the strong foundation of engineering  so as to stimulate interest of FE students in their respective  engineering programs, so that students learn to apply the subject knowledge to solve real engineering problems. Our dedicated and highly qualified Faculty has a responsibility to the institution to prepare FE students technically, morally and ethically strong.

Beside chalk and Talk method we provide the First-year education with innovative teaching techniques like NPTEL Lecture series, Virtual Laboratory Practices, Project based learning, seminars, and quizzes. Which enable us to map the course objectives with program objectives for each and every student. It also helps students to understand the engineering methodology.

In Guardian Faculty Member (GFM) scheme, each GFM have been allotted a group of 15-20 students, who has been shouldered the responsibility of overall development of students. Students are supported by one-on-one meetings with respective GFM once in a week to get the personal touch and resolve issues related to academics.

We are well known for our remedial activity which carried out after regular college hours. This helps slow learners to enhance their abilities. However we also conducted on session for advanced learners to improve their grades.

Objectives of Department

  • Develop strong foundation to apply scientific knowledge to solve problems in all programs of engineering.
  • Provide conductive environment for interdisciplinary research.
  • Motivate students to work on modern technology
  • To enhance the moral and ethical values amongst FE students.

Dr. Pravin Thakre.- Ph.D. (Mathematics)
Head of Department
Department of Engineering Science