Founder Director’s Message

Shri S. M. Katkar

Zeal Education Society was established in the year 1996. We made a humble beginning through Silver Crest School and Dyanganga College of Education (B.Ed and D.Ed) in the year 2006. In the following years we grew bigger and launched Zeal College of Engineering and Research (ZCOER) in 2007, Zeal Polytechnic in 2008 and Zeal Institute of Management and Computer Application (ZIMCA) in 2009. Just like the famous phrase ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss’, we are constantly evolving whether it be infrastructure, number of labs, faculty members or student intake.

We want to create the future of India by providing technical education to the masses. We believe in nurturing a student from his early years till their graduation and beyond. With this view we established several technical institutes give our students an opportunity to grow with us and become qualified. We have a variety of streams available under one umbrella of ZES. It also gives students the opportunity to become full blown flowers from a bud.

Shri S. M. Katkar
(Founder, Executive President,
Zeal Education Society Engineering & Educational Research (ZEAL’s), Pune , India.)