Faculty Profile

Dr. Gaikwad Arun N.
Qualification: Ph.D.
Designation: Professor, ZCOER
Experience: Teaching: 33 Years
Area Of Interest: Embedded system design, Biometrics-IP
Mail id: arun.gaikwad@zealeducation.com
Prof. More Prajakta A.
Prajakta More
Qualification: M.E.(Digital System)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Experience: Teaching: 10 . 4 Years
Area Of Interest: Wireless Communication, Signal Processing
Mail id: prajakta.more@zealeducation.com
Prof. Kulkarni Anushri N.
Anushri Kulkarni
Qualification: M.E.(Microprocessor Appl.), Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Experience: Teaching: 7.5 Years
Area Of Interest: Communication, Networking
Mail id: anushri.kulkarni@zealeducation.com
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