Faculty Profile

Dr. Deokar Sanjay A.
Dr. Sanjay A. Deokar
Qualification: Ph.D.
Designation: Professor
Experience: Teaching: 23 Years
Area Of Interest: Wind (Hybrid renewable) energy Technology, Energy Audit and Conservation,Power Quality and Smart Grid Technology
Mail id: sanjay.deokar@zealeducation.com
Mr. Hans Manoj R
Prof. Manoj  R. Hans
Qualification: M.E.(Power Systems), Ph.D pursuing
Designation: Associate Professor
Experience: Teaching: 16 . 5 Years Industrial: 2 Years
Area Of Interest: Protection, Power System, Electrical Machines, Restructuring & Deregulation
Mail id: manoj.hans@zealeducation.com
Mrs.Patil Anupama S.
Prof. Anupama S. Patil
Qualification: M.E.(Power Systems)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Experience: Teaching: 7 Years Industrial : 7 Years
Area Of Interest: Power Systems, Microprocessor & Microcontroller
Mail id: anupama.patil@zealeducation.com
Mr.K. Kamal Sandeep
Prof. K.KamalSandeep
Qualification: M.Tech.(Control Systems – Electrical Engineering)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Experience: Teaching: 8 . 5 Years
Area Of Interest: Control Systems , Electrical Networks, Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation, Power Electronics.
Mail id: kamal.sandeep@zealeducation.com
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