Faculty Achievement

Dr. Pravin Thakre.

Sr. No. Title of Research Paper/Article Citation


International Journal/Conference Volume/year




Page Nos.




1 Solving fuzzy linear programming problem as multi objective linear programming problem 22 International Journal of Computer Applications 2/2010 5




Academic Journals
2 A fuzzy approach to trust based access control in internet of things


37 Wireless Communications, Vehicular Technology, Information Theory and Aerospace & Electronic Systems (VITAE), 2013 N/A/2013 N/A 1-5 IEEE
3 An Advanced Method to Solve Fuzzy Linear Programming Problem International Journal of Computer Applications 151/ Oct2016


1 29-31 Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
4 Fuzzy Logic Model for Complex Decision Making Process of evaluation of Technical Teachers in Degree level Institutions 12 International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Applications 2 3 191-200 Ascent Publication, India
5 Fuzzy Logic Model For Cotton Grading 6 OPSEARCH 44/2007 3 202-210 Springer
6 Fuzzy Linguistic Constraint Optimization Using Mamadani Reasoning Method 5 International Journal of Computing and Applications 3/2008 1 69-72 Serial Publication, New Delhi, India
7 Trust Optimization International Conference on Mathematical Analysis & its Applications Article in Press

Funded Research Project (completed): Title-Teachers’ Evaluation Model using Fuzzy Logic-funded by BCUD, SPPU, Pune.

Dr. Vaishali B. Kamble.
1.     Bio-chemical synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their application in catalysis. Vaishali B. Kamble, Balaprasad Ankamwar, Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine 6(3), 343-348 (2014).

2.     Synthesis of anisotropic defective polyaniline/silver nanocomposites, Vaishali B. Kamble, Gunjan Kodwani, Ramdoss Sridharkrishna and Balaprasad Ankamwar Advances in Nano Research, 2(2), 111-119 (2014).

3.     Ecofriendly synthesis of anisotropic gold nanopartcilces: A potential candidate of SERS studies Ujjwala Gaware, Vaishali B. Kamble, and Balaprasad Ankamwar, International Journal of Electrochemistry, (2012).

4.     Biosynthesis of anisotropic gold nanoparticles, National Conference on ‘Frontiers in Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences. Vaishali. B. Kamble, A. Musibau Adewuyi, S. P. Kochrekar, M. N. Gharge, B. G. Ankamwar, 13 (2013) 97-98. Organized by Dept. of Chemistry, University of Pune, India. [ISSN: 2322-5997].

5.     Solar photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue by ZnO nanoparticles: An effective and simple synthesis approach Balaprasad G. Ankamwar, Vaishali B. Kamble, Jose I. Annsi, Loka S. Sarma , Chandrasekhar M. Mahajan (Communicated).

6.     Surface Morphology Dependent Catalytic Activity of Biosynthesized Silver and Gold Nanoparticles: A Comparative Kinetic Study Balaprasad Ankamwar, Vaishali Kamble and Ujjal Kumar Sur (Communicated).

7.     Twinned defective biogenic silver nanoparticle-induced electron transfer Balaprasad Ankamwar and Vaishali B. Kamble (Communicated).

Prof. Sumit kumar Pathak
1.     Sumitkumar Pathak, “Application of Game Theory to obtain optimum gain by two organizations, 6th Bihar Science Conference 2014.

2.     Sumitkumar Pathak, “Analysis of political corruption by using game theory”, National conference on Recent Trends in Mathematical and computational Sciences.

3.     Sumitkumar Pathak,“ Mathematical Analysis of Confliction between Multi-opponents with non-Annihilating behavior”, SHODH PRERAK, ISSN 2231-413X, Vol. V, Issue 1, January 2015.