Entrepreneur Development Cell

Experience and expertise at ZCOER, Pune in the areas of management, innovation, and technology networks along with entrepreneurship provide the necessary impetus and intellectual basis for this initiative.

We comprise of faculty, alumni and students of ZCOER, mentors and service providers from the industry who span a variety of functional areas, sectored domains and geographies and are passionately committed to helping disruptive innovations and aspiring entrepreneurs succeed commercially.
We know that it takes more than just early stage risk-capital to get a company off the ground – we enable most of what may be required by entrepreneurs through seed-funding, incubation, mentoring, training, knowledge dissemination and best practice research. We are a young organization ourselves and keep innovating ourselves on ways to proliferate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

 The differentiating factor of the committee is its Interest Group, it is a group of members who come together to brain storm new ideas, for exchange of knowledge, have discussions with entrepreneurs and many other activities that inculcate entrepreneurial spirit. The qualities that most of the entrepreneurs share in common are that they are good orators and passionate readers. To inculcate the same qualities the committee will come up with new initiatives like Book Review and Free Speech. An entrepreneur is also aware of his social responsibilities; the committee contributes to the society through its initiative Helping Hand, wherein the students assist the visually impaired students with their assignments and examinations.

                We believe that to become an entrepreneur there is no age and education barrier. If you have an idea, go for it. And to support the students with their ideas, seed funding and getting experts’ guidance, the committee is working towards setting an Incubation Centre in the college. The Incubation Centre will be headed by experts from different sectors who will guide the young and aspiring entrepreneurs of ZCOER.

                With the full-fledged support from the institute and chairpersons, the committee is heading towards success. And success meter for us is the number of ZCOERians turning to entrepreneurs.

List of Entrepreneurs from ZCOER, Pune.

Sr.No. Name of Student Name of Entrepreneurial


Website Registration Details
1 Aniket Bagal-9766687794 Shoffex online retails india pvt. ltd. www.shoffex.com U74900PN2015PTC155288
2 Aniket Bagal Rangari9 Home solution pvt. ltd. www.rangari9.com U74999PN2016PTC157868
3 Akshay Thakur –


Rajnish Enterprises ——–
4 Mannu Kumar Jha  – 9623045205 Started own company ELECTROBS Pvt. Ltd. On 1/1/16. ——–
5 Harish Chimte
6 Heemanshu Khanke


Enigma Technologies Pune www.enigmatechnologies.com Dhayari/7/6692


7 Rahul Jadhav


8 Vijay Chavan


9 Prakash Chindhe


10 Dipak Kerkal


11 Ashish Sahare- 9423670555 RE-VOLTCREATIONS www.revoltcreations.com




12 Lokesh Sawarkar- 9860558838 Elektra Under Process
13 Siddharth Telgote
14 Sachin Ghanekar- 8446466765 Sushil Electronics Hadapsar/2/6219
15 Sohit Abhyankar- 7276313050 Running Studio
16 Varun Sanghvi- 7875041853 Vmake vmake.co.in Yet to receive



17 Nilesh Sarode-


SarodeMotors www.sarodemotors.weebly.com/



Yet to Recieve
18 Pramod Kalyan Ghadge- 9765470319


G Square http://gsquaretech.com/ U74900PN2015PTC156819
19 Vaibhav sunil Gulve


20 Swapnil Shridar Gulhane- 8769561044
21 Girish Dattatraya S.
22 Pravin Nagargoje-


Evaa Technology http://www.evvaa.com/ Yet to Recieve
23 Ajinkya Shinde-9970110825
24 Karan Kadu
25 Tejas Inamdar QuickHair Technologies https://www.homefoodmom.com/ U74999PN2016PTC157944
26 Vishal Kapase-


Sidvitech Solutions www.sidvitech.com Yet to recieve
27 Vishal Kapase Perfect Click www.perfectclick.in
28 Sameer Ghare
29 Rohit Ghatole
30 Nikhil Chonde-9850953251 Vario engg soln. http://www.vario.in/ 27860914088V
31 Dinesh Kale-8793389683 Elecreative
32 Jayant Dalvi-7385210333 Sellonic Power Solutions http://sellonic.in/ Yet to Recieve
33 Datta Kondekar
34 Ganesh Jori- 8796537792 Ashwamedh Lights
35 Parag Joshi- 8421009548
36 Saurabh Joshi
37 Shivam Mohite


CaDME Metal Craft 143100035219081
38 Sambhaji Mungle
39 Prasad Panchal


http://marketyard.org/ U72900PN2015PTC156408
41 Rahul Suryawanshi


Powertech Stamping
42 Vishwajit Jagtap



Drone Farming Related Startup  


Registration in process

43 Aditya Kashyap
44 Gaurav Pawar
45 Aniket Shinde


Skitek https://www.indiamart.com/skitek/profile.html
46 Amit Deshmukh Trip Jao Enterprises
47 Akshay Gadkari Gadkari Properties (LLPIN)AAC-3620
48 Ajinkya Shinde




Mr. Yuvraj Hembade

ED Cell In-charge

Landline: 020-672060151
Mobile No: 9096710773
Email: raj.hembade@zealeducation.com