eat fit event

eat fit event

As a part of extra curriculum activity, event management is skill that should always helps any budding manager in future carrier. On the same line zeal education society’s Zeal college of engineering & Research-Dept. of Management also nurture & supports all students, In campus & out of campus zeal encourages its student for co-curriculum & extra-curriculum activities. in campus activity like coordination of any Exam like CET,CAT,CMAT, society level Sport event like Ranaangan, Talenttron, Zeal-drag etc. out of campus in state & out state industrial visit, training programs in any MNC like Barclays,Infosysis, etc.

In the Early morning as per direction from Higher Authority all Students of three Management Institutes of Zeal group of Management Institutes including ZCOER, ZIBACAR, ZIMCA report to Campus at 6:30 a.m with faculty members. By college bus all Students & Faculty members moved to balewdi High street for eat fit event. Event organizers expect that all student volunteers should coordinate event by supporting stalls, ticket counter, cash collection, ticket checking & then allow visitors to sport arena. so we already discuss with our student about the same & likewise we made team for all task location.

This event was supported by various organizations like Radio partner-Radio City, Associated Partner Shiv Spurti Pratisthan, Pune, Beverage Partner- Grover Zampa, Knowledge Partner-Zeal Education society, Pune, Fitness Partner-Multifit, Activity Partner-Playscapcs.

All student volunteers reached to venue exactly at 07:00 a.m , all event organizers were preparing for the event, organizers well come us we took photographs with student volunteers. We all did our healthy breakfast by having smoky oats uppma. It was not so tasty but so energetic & healthy.

Morning session was lean but still health concious youngester were playing Holyball,basket ball arena,it was very pleasant to see all are playing a very sportily.

Mean while we got  opportunity to Talk with Mr.Vijay Adhav ,Innivative entrepreneur who came there for  Publicity & free demos of Joy Bicycles which run on battary , eco friendlly.all girls volunteers took ride on joy bike. It was very enthusiastic ,joyful experience for all , we determiined to follow eco friendlly norms for the smart city like Pune.

Along with joy bike, Mr.Adhav told us about other eco friendlly product invented by his company like Room freshner,Car fresher goof for those who  suffering from asthama & lung problems.He also promised u to visit Zeal campus in Near future.

 Hopefully we enjoy but other shops were also there for visit like Baramati agro,fruit e gate ,Amit ice cream, Grover Zampa  etc. still we eagerly waited for more visitors to come & see the foot ball & basket ball arena. But foot fall was less than our expectations.

In the afternoon also there was no much response till 1:30 we were entertaining few visitors. So finally after 1:30 we took break for lunch, they served us Healthy Veg-Grill sandwich & Cocam juice. This was the end of first shift morning batch, we all went to college campus for ending first shift & brought second shift batch, all went in college bus & reach to high street at exactly 02:30 p.m with faculty coordinator. After noon session also did not got much response but still few visitors buy passes of having Rs.100 charges. Till 09:00 P.M we all there for the event at 09:30 P.m we took same Healthy Veg-Grill sandwich & Cocam juice. Finally we all went to college campus through bus reached at 11:00 P.m

Date: 25th Feb 2018 Day 2

In the second day morning session batch reported to campus at 6:30 a.m reached to venue by 07:00 a.m. today also response was very less, hence authority from eat fit requested us to cancelled evening batch. we agreed for the same.