We have large collection of around 29000+ books, 12245 e-books 134 National Journals, 11 Periodicals & 554 International e-Journals for all disciplines. Library provided NPTEL facility & following E-Journals Resources to all the Staff & Student in ZES’s Narhe Campus.


We have an official Membership of IEEE, Elsevier-Science Direct & J-Gate for MBA and Engineering, E-Journals Resources. In this database we are having 554 International e-Journals. Also we have 12245+  Springer e-Books ip based access & download from ZES’s  Narhe Campus.

E-Journal / E-Resource/ E-Books
Particulars List
Springer E-Books click here Perpetual access for 12245+ Springer  E-Books of Engineering Streams ( 11733 Purchased & 512  Complimentary ) This Collection can be downloaded chapter-wise &whole book at a time. This is a static IP access, so password & username does not require in ZES, Narhe Campus. Remote access will be provided as per the genuine request. excel_icon.jpg
ASME click here (30 e-journals – Backfile Access since 2000) excel_icon.jpg
IEEE http://www.ieee.org/ieeexplore Computer, Electrical & ETC (169 e-Journals 2017 – Back file Access since year 2005) excel_icon.jpg
Elsevier www.sciencedirect.com Science Direct – All Engineering Disciplines (275 Journals, Back File Access from 2000 on wards) excel_icon.jpg
J-Gate (JET) http://jgateplus.com J-GATE Engineering and Technology (JET)(Total 4633 Indexed & 1763 free full text.- Journal / Articles/Proceeding Papers & Others) excel_icon.jpg
EBSCO (MBA) http://search.ebscohost.com Business Source Elite (For MBA): Total 1103 Full Text Journals & Magazines-Including 564 prereviewed & 4961 Indexed and Abstracted-Including 2783 prereviewed. excel_icon.jpg
J-Gate (MBA) http://jgateplus.com Social & Management Sciences (For MBA): Total 7775 Journals, Magazines & Periodicals Including 5147 Subscription & 2628 Open Access excel_icon.jpg
Automotive Research Association of India ( ARAI ) Library Membership Membership Number: 12058 (College ID is compulsory at the time of visit)
National Digital Library ( NDL )  Membership https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in (Digital Resource provided  by Ministry of Human Resource Development, India)
DELNET http://www.delnet.nic.in/ (Developing Library Network) ( ZCOER Membership No. IM-7230 ): 10558 free e-books in 687 categories, Number of Full Text E-Journals, Thesis, Dissertations, & Other databases are possible to Access & Download in our Narhe campus …  )
NPTEL Videos / Notes  Access and Download NPTEL Video Lectures Download
Question Papers, E-Journals List, Video Lectures, Subject Course Files,  & Other Information.. ZEAL, ZCOER, Pune. Online Library

These E-Resources are possible to access & download from anywhere on Narhe campus through internet…

Availability NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) Facility:

Availability NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) Facility:
In this facility we provide huge collection of Audio-Video Lectures & the notes of all IIT’s (Madras, Bombay, Kharagpur, Guwahati, Bangloer, Delhi, Kanpur & Roorkee).
These NPTEL database are possible to access & download from anywhere in our Narhe campus through net…
Database Server URL: ZEAL, ZCOER, Pune. NPTEL Library.


Syllabus, University Question Papers, NPTEL Text Material, News Paper Cuttings & others…
Database Server URL: ZEAL, ZCOER, Pune. Online Library

Please feel free to get in touch with us if any further assistance is required…

Prof. Pimpodkar Prashant V.

Librarian, ZCOER, Narhe, Pune,

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