Course Details

Intake Regular 1st Shift : 120 || Regular 2nd Shift : 120 || Direct 2nd Year : 60


1. To design and analyze the mechanical engineering systems for cost effectiveness and social awareness.
2. To solve real life problems in collaboration with industry and research institutions.
3. To prepare the professionals for industries’ requirements, higher studies and ethical challenges.
4. To acquire hands on experience in centre of excellence, to be acceptable in the industry
5. To develop overall personality of students through co-curricular and extracurricular activities


The mechanical engineering graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the expertise to design the mechanical engineering systems.
  2. Apply modern tools and techniques to analyze, synthesize and optimize the mechanical engineering problems.
  3. Test and inspect mechanical components as per standards with necessary instrumentation.
  4. Manage the available resources to their maximum efficiency.
  5. Function effectively and efficiently, in the organization, as an individual, team member and leader.
  6. Select and train the human resource for intended skills in the organization.
  7. Remain productive and competitive by upgrading the knowledge in their area of work.
  8. Communicate and present effectively in verbal and written form.
  9. Practice professional and ethical behavior in the organization.
  10. Contribute towards sustainable development of society and nation.