Center Of Excellence

Center Of Excellence in Various Technologies

Machining Excellence Center (CNC & VMC)

Machining excellence center is a facility which aims to provide training at par with the requirements of the industry. The Centre is dedicated to bridging the gap between current academics and industry expectations in the Manufacturing sector by providing the best industrial practices thus generating skill based and competent Mechanical Engineers.

The Machining Excellence Center provides hands on Training course-ware to develop those engineers who are willing to learn industry oriented software applications and problem solving approach in the field of Manufacturing. The machining excellence center built with advance facility of two axis CNC machine, three axis VMC machine along with DO-NC simulation software.  The facilities available in machining excellence center are beyond academic requirements. This particular training course-ware is designed for final and pre-final year engineering students of the Mechanical Engineering, which will impart hands on training on fundamental aspects of CNC technology, Programming, and Operation of the CNC and VMC Machining centre.

Since its establishment, students have involved themselves in the Centre through the pursuance of their projects like Design & Fabrication of Fixtures; Implementation of Automated Mechanisms, Development of Advanced Programming Practices; Integration of the Machines with Programming Software and the Study of Lean Capabilities of the Centre. The program prepares students for multidisciplinary, multi-skilled employment in the manufacturing sector & its application in the area of Automobile, Aerospace, Defense contractors, Agriculture, Mining, Industrial Automation, Medical research in India and abroad.

Features of Machining Excellence Centre

CNC Lathe – Smart Turn

VMC (Vertical Machining Centre) – BFW – Agni 45 ++

Do-NC Simulation Software

CAM- Programme Generation –Master CAM

Automobile Excellence Center

Automobile Excellence Lab has been designed to target and cater to the end to end training and development needs of the automobile ecosystem. The lab hosts latest state of the art infrastructure and tools to provide a hands on learning experience to the students. The lab is dedicated for student to reinforce their practical skills apart from their academics.

The lab focuses on two major purposes:-

  • For maintenance of student’s own bike: almost 600 students are using this facility and getting confident in their practical skills
  • To participate in national level automotive race competitions, students design & manufacture their vehicles for various national level competitions such as SAE BAJA, SUPRA, Go-Kart, ESVC event.

Batmobile is regarded as the ultimate superhero car in the DC Comics Universe. The indestructible Batmobile has featured in many movies and with every new movie, the vehicle only becomes more aggressive looking. Batmobile is a fantasy thing just like the superheroes but there are many who would love to experience the life of a superhero! There are many replica Batmobiles around the world. In India, a group of students have made a replica of the latest Batmobile and it looks insane! Batmobile on Mahindra Xylo. The Batmobile seen in the pictures is made by a group of students of Zeal Education Institute, Pune. The project is funded by the college and is made from scratch by a group of students. The Batmobile looks quite realistic in the videos and it gets all the bling on the outside too. Talking about the vehicle itself, everything has been made by the in-house team including the roll cage of the vehicle. To start with, the students first made a scale model of the Batmobile, which was used as a reference to make the life-size model of the Batmobile. The project took around 50 days to complete, which is a very short time for such a project. The total cost? According to the video, it took only Rs 3.58 lakhs for the whole project.

Features of Automobile Excellence lab

  • Hydraulic Ramp
  • Vertical Panel
  • Power Pack 1:4
  • Parts Cleaner
  • Pneumatic impact wrench (3/8”)
  • Engine cut section
  • Propeller shaft system
  • Differential unit

Center of Excellence in Metrology & Quality Control

Centre of Excellence for Quality Control work towards forming a bridge between the expectations from industrial quality control department as QA/QC engineer and academia, the excellence centre is well equipped with comprehensive metrology organization, with dependable product and technical support, state-of the-art calibration services. Centre has instrument facilities of world renowned instrument manufacturing companies like Mitutoyo Japan as required for conventional and advanced manufacturing technologies for numerous manufacturing sectors.

The centre provides a certification-cum-training program for engineers on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances (GD&T), Blue print reading, Drafting, Six Sigma, Non Destructive Testing like Ultrasonic Testing, Dye Penetratent Testing, and Magnetic Particle Testing etc. which are blends of class room training and practical sessions.

The centre is temperature controlled as per NABL norms. It provides certification-cum-training program for engineers on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances (GD&T), Six Sigma, Non Destructive Testing like Ultrasonic Testing, Dye Penetratent Testing, and Magnetic Particle Testing etc. which are blends of class room training and practical session. Students have used the capabilities available in the Centre of Excellence while executing their mini projects, research work and final year projects. The excellence centre supports nearby micro, small and medium scale enterprises to fulfil their advanced quality control requirements.

Features of Centre of Excellence for Metrology & Quality Control

  • Granite Surface Plate (200cm x 100cm x 20cm)
  • Mitutoyo’ Surface Roughness Tester
  • Vernier Caliper (upto 1m range)
  • Vernier height gauge (upto 60cm range)
  • Calibrated instruments for linear and angular measurement
  • Industrial sample job for inspection purpose
  • Availability of instruments are made in a set of five each for better availability

ADOR Center of Excellence in Welding

Welding technology under Mechanical Engineering has seen its growth in leaps and bounds setting its foot in almost all manufacturing sectors. Looking at future perspective and importance of welding technology, Zeal College of Engineering and Research has established the center of excellence for welding technology in collaboration with worlds distinguished welding products manufacturer ADOR Welding Ltd. Known as “ADOR CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IN WELDING”. The center is well-equipped with latest welding technology based facilities to seek new frontiers of best welding skills and certifications as a need of time. Center has the CHAMP MULTI- 400, a Multi process welding outfit suitable for TIG/MIG/MAG welding applications. Live demonstration Center with welding simulator is the exceptional facility available to prepare the students for virtual welding procedures in the field of Engineering.

“ADOR CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IN WELDING” has designed various welding technology modules to train the students in the field of advanced welding technology. The center has professional expertise of 16 NSDC certified trainer in the field of welding technology. After successful completion of the modules, students become professionally competent in the field of welding technology. Additionally, the centre provides solutions to the industrial problems specifically oriented towards micro, small and medium scale industries in and around Pune.


  • Electrode Drying oven
  • MIG/MAG Welding Outfit (CHAMPMIG 400 Model)
  • Gas Welding Torch
  • MMA Welding power Source
  • DC Pulse TIG Outfit (CHAMPTG 300P Model)
  • Welding Simulator


The center is being provided by the Zeal College Of Engineering & Research, Pune a group of “Zeal Education Society “Our centre is dedicated towards reducing the gap between current academics and industry expectation  in the area of  Mechanical Design by providing them the best industrial practices, thus generating skill based and competent Mechanical Engineers. This course-ware is generated to develop engineers who are willing to learn industry oriented software applications with a problem solving approach. The course is designed by considering Engineering Design & Manufacturing of the parts, after completion of the course candidate will be able to match the industry expectations in their chosen profession.

Features of Machining Excellence Center

  • CAD Professional Certification

CAD Domain Training on CREO PARAMETRIC , UNIGRAPHICS – NX 10.0, AutoCAD 2015, Part Model, Drafting & Detailing, Surface Modelling, Assembly Design

  • CAM Professional Certification

CNC & VMC Programming, Master CAM, NC Programme Simulation, Machining Simulators, Hands on sessions on industrial grade CNC & VMC Machines.

  • CAE Professional Certification

Ansys 13.0 – Linear Static Analysis, Non Linear Analysis, Modal Analysis, Dynamic Analysis

Center of Excellence in Electric Vehicle

E-Mobility across globe although the global share of electric mobility is still small, the EV fleet is expanding quickly. Ambitious policy announcements have been critical in stimulating the electric mobility transition in major vehicle markets in the past two to three years. 2018 was marked by continuous policy and technology announcements in many countries and regions, and global electric car sales accelerated with regards to previous years.

E-Mobility in India In 2013, India unveiled the ‘National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020’ to make a major shift to electric vehicles and to address the issues of national energy security, vehicular pollution and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities. The scheme was announced with an aim to offer incentives for clean-fuel technology cars to boost their sales to up to 7 million vehicles by 2020.

“ZEAL ELECTRIC MOILITY (ZEM) LAB” is carefully designed to produce skilled and talented manpower required for the Electric Vehicle (EV) industries. The ZEM Lab has been established to support a wide array of EV integration and technology services. The Electric Vehicle Lab (EV Lab) has been established to support a wide array of EV integration and technology services. The lab is specialized within two core areas:

  1. Electric vehicle power system integration: Covers the electric connection between an electric vehicle and the electrical network to which it connects. This includes smart grid, interoperability and power measurement studies.
  2. Electric vehicle enabling technology: Covers the electric components and technologies important to the operation, performance and cost of the electric vehicle. This includes R&D and equipment testing.

Features of Center of Excellence in Electric Vehicle

  • Electric vehicles
    Serial produced and open platforms.
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure
    Serial produced and open platforms
  • Lab space and interfaces
    Dedicated lab space and interface to other Power facilities.
  • Metering equipment and databases
    Logging equipment in vehicles, infrastructure and backend systems.
  • Test equipment
    Testing towards contemporary EV standards

Center of Excellence in Automation Technology

Robotics & Automation is a branch of Engineering that involves the conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots. It is a combination and overlaps many fields of Engineering including Electronics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Mechatronics, Nanotechnology & Bio Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

The Centre of Excellence in Automation Technology is a major contributor in terms of knowledge-enrichment of the students at the Mechanical Department of Zeal College of Engineering and Research, Pune. This Centre bridges the gap between industry automation trends & students making them aware of the latest from the world of engineering. The Centre of Excellence draws on the expertise of the knowledgeable persons from the education and research arenas. This platform is a truly unique way to connect all Mechanical Engineering. students to the current trends in robotics and automation in different manufacturing industries preparing them to adapt to new challenges emerging by the day in the domain of industrial automation with industry 4.0 revolution This center has a state-of-the-art training facility in pneumatics, hydraulics, PLC technology and FANUC controlled (6 axis) industrial robotic arm. Typical applications of robots include welding, painting, assembly, pick and place for printed circuit boards, packaging and labeling, palletizing, product inspection, and testing; all accomplished with high endurance, speed, and precision. They can assist in material handling.

Features of Centre of Excellence in Automation Technology

  • FANUC Robot ARC Mate 100i MODEL B
  • Controller – FANUC Robot ARC Mate 100i MODEL B
  • Integrated Pneumatic Technology
  • Integrated Sensor Technology
  • Industrial Application based Programming

Center Excellence in Power Plant Engineering

Mechanical engineering also is one of the broadest fields of engineering and its graduates work in various industries such as power plants, aerospace, manufacturing and robotics just to name a few. Experimentation and testing are at the root of modern mechanical engineering practice. The purpose of laboratory work is to study how something will actually behave.

Plant Engineering Laboratory has objectives of imparting experimental and skill based learning to the students in the field of Power Plant Engineering. The field is focused on the generation of power for industries and communities. Additionally this field finds applications in Hydroelectric Power plant, Thermal Power Plant, Solar Power Plant and Wind Power Plants etc. It is a supplement for analysis and laboratory work related to critical aspects of power plant engineering design.

Features of the Center Excellence in Power Plant Engineering

  • Steam Turbine Test Rig with Non-IBR Boiler (i.e. Steam Power plant) having capacity of 1 KW