ZES Events

ZES Events

Esperanza TechFest2017

Over 50 students of SE, TE & BE from IT, Computer, Electrical and computer (Polytechnic) and MCA department has enrolled for different technical events & stepped away from their daily academic routine on 15th  September 2017, to take part in technical event & competition on the occasion of Engineers Day.

Technical Events  & Student Coordinators:




Event Name



Student Coordinators No of Entries
1. Poster Presentation Cyber Security Mr. Akshay Shelatkar

Ms. Gauri Shilamkar

Ms. Prachi Mahajan


2. Power Point Presentation Emerging Trends in IT Mr. Dhanesh Sarpale

Ms. Rutuja Kashid

3. Technical Quiz Emerging Trends in IT Mr. Kunal Ramdasi

Ms. Pradnya Mainkar



This event was inaugurated by Prof. P. A. Joshi, In charge HOD, IT and all staff of IT department. The event was started at 9.00 am at the department initiating with Technical Quiz, which had 3 Rounds. Further the event was continued with PowerPoint Presentation and Poster presentation simultaneously.

The judges for this event was Prof. O. S. Joshi , Prof. P. A. Joshi, Prof. A. S. Chadchankar, Prof. A. V. Patil. The program was declared by the prize distribution in the presence of Head of Information Technology Prof. S. U. Kadam.

Thus, an environment of enthusiasm was experienced by every student due to active participation in all activities.


 Sr.  Event Name  Winners
1. Poster Presentation Sneha Dange(Computer, Zeal Ploytechnic)

Rajeshree Bhor (Computer, Zeal Ploytechnic)

2. Technical Quiz Prashanth Gombi ( IT, ZCOER)
3. Power Point Presentation Garry Simon ( IT, ZCOER)

Runner Up:

 Sr.  Event Name  Runners
1. Poster Presentation Siddharth Shrivastav (Elect, ZOCER)
2. Technical Quiz Abhishek More (Computer, Zeal Ploytechnic)
3. Power Point Presentation Rameez Sayed ( IT, ZCOER)


skill building workshop on best concreting practicesin

One day skill building workshop on best concreting practicesin association with UltraTechCements limited, was organized on 12th September 2017.  58 students were benefitted by this workshop.


  1. To make aware students for best concreting practices under the supervision of experts from industry.
  2. To have an experience of concreting with standard norms.

Code of Conduct:

A proposal from UltraTech was there to organize One day skill building workshop on best concreting practices. The major theme was to make students aware about best concreting practices under the supervision of experts from industry.

Workshop started by 10.30am in CSM auditorium. Hon Principal, ZCOER was in chair. Earlier Prof N. N. Deo had introduced the theme of workshop. Head of Department: Dr. P. P, Walvekar felicitated to UltraTech team.

In session I; a seminar regarding best concreting practices was delivered from Mr. Mahesh Koli; Technical head UltraTech Cements limited. He shared few valuable videos with students regarding advanced concreting.

In Session II; a practical sessions regarding concrete material selection, Specifications, Mixing and casting was carried out. Few tests on fresh concrete were obtained and discussed well with students. An importance was given to IS codes to be referred while concreting, recent concreting material s available in market etc.

In the evening after tea break a concluding session was arranged where students interacted well with these industry persons. This was a peak of the workshop where students eagour to discuss lots of queries about practical difficulty in best concerting practices. At last Faculty coordinator Prof. A. V. Wakchaure; thanked to UltraTech Cements limited concluded the sessions.


  1. Students made aware about best concerting practices.
  2. Students were groomed regarding need of structural stability and concerting.
  3. Students could interact well with industry persons

Teacher’s Day

“Teacher” is defined as a Motivational candle of student’s life. Life itself is a teacher for every human being, but to execute the daily routine for a successful career  a human teacher plays a Important role towards student. And to respect them specially apart from studies we celebrate Teacher’s day.

By this view we the department of IT, organized a teacher’s day on 8th Sept 2017 at seminar hall, J Building, ZCOER. The program was started at 4 p.m. and was continued till 5.30 p.m. Prof S. U. Kadam HOD IT and Respected faculty members inaugurated the program by lightening the lamp.

Hence forth Prof. S. U. Kadam guided students and gave the overview of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Prof. P. A. Johi and Prof. S. D. Damre also shared their views on this special occasion , students continued the activity by organizing different activities for teachers.

Also Students performed Dance on this special occasion which created a good environment for students and faculty members. The program was declared by the Refreshment  for the teachers.

                       Hence, program was successful and entertaining, in discipline manner.

Teaching Learning Practices n Structural Analysis

“Teaching Learning Practices n Structural Analysis”

Five days Faculty Development Programon “Teaching Learning Practices in Structural Analysis” was organized by Department of Civil Engineering of Zeal college of Engineering and research during 6th to 10th June 2017.Total 35 participants from various engineering institutes and Zeal College of Engineering and Research had participated in this workshop.

The aim of this FDP is to shape up teaching learning practices and groom the faculty members about effective content delivery of structural analysis subjects. This program tenders topics like Fundamentals of physics and mechanics, Stress & strain evaluation determinate and indeterminate, Stress & strain evaluation in composite and homogeneous section, Shear and bending analysis, Analysis of indeterminate beam by Clapeyron theorem, strain energy and by Castiglianos theorem, Analysis of truss by Castiglianos 1st and 2nd theorems for lack of fit, sinking of support and temperature changes, Influence line diagrams and it’s analysis for beam & truss, Plastic analysis of steel structures, Finite difference and finite element method. This program also includes sessions related to insights of industry applications of structural analysis and software application.


  • To provide new insights and knowledge about the topic through close interactions/discussions with the senior Faculty Members and Experts of the respective field.
  • To study behavior and analysis of stress and strain acting on various structural members.
  • To understand industrial and software application of structural analysis.
  • To shape up teaching learning practices and grooms the faculty members about effective content delivery of structural analysis subjects.

Various experts from academic institutes and industries had contributed to this workshop by their able guidance. Following topics get covered in this workshop.

1. Fundamental concepts, stress strain evaluation and shear bending analysis by Dr. M. R. Wakchaure, Professor of Amrutwahini College of Engineering, Sangamner.


2. Analysis of  beams trusses by using different methods and theorems and ILD  by Dr. K. Gopi Krishna, Assistant Prof. NIT, Warangal


3. Plastic analysis of steel structures , Finite difference and finite element method  by  Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary, Associate Prof. IIT, Indore


4. Failure theories of Steel Beams/Column and Connections Torsional analysis of Beams and Analysis of Steel by  Dr. M. R.ShiyekarAdjunct Faculty Govt. College of Engineering, Karad


5. Software application of Structural Analysis  byEr. Prashant PatilDirector, Apex consultant, Pune


This faculty development program was inaugurated byDr. A. B. More, Executive Council Member, ISTE,Dr. A. M. Kate principal of ZCOER, Dr. M. R. Wakchaureprofessor of Amrutwahini College of Engineering, Sangamner,Dr. Walvekar P. P. conveyerhead of civil engineering department, MS. Patil S. S. coordinator of FDP and all participants.

The faculty development program started after the Inauguration ceremony all three sessions of the 1st day was conducted by Dr. M. R. Wakchaure, Professor of Amrutwahini College of Engineering Sangamner who discussed about fundamentals concepts of physics and mechanics, Stress & strain evaluation in different sections with realistic and interesting examples. After lunch in his last session he delivered information about shear and bending analysis with different easy method those students can understand easily.

On 2nd day of FDP, 1st session was on Analysis of beams with different support conditions , 2nd session was on Analysis of truss and 3rd session is on ILD for beams with numerical examples was delivered by Dr. K. Gopi Krishna, Assistant Prof. NIT, Warangal.

On 3rd day of FDP, 1st session was on Plastic analysis of steel structures,2nd and 3rd session was on Finite difference and element method was delivered by Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary, Associate Prof. IIT, Indore. In this session different numerical examples related to concept with images were discussed along with delivering techniques.

On 4th day of FDP 1st session was on failure theories of Steel Beams/Column, 2nd session was on Torsional analysis and 3rd session was Connections delivered by Dr. M R Shiyekar Adjunct Faculty Government College of Engineering, Karad. This session was graceful with different teaching methods and use of available teaching aids for better understanding of students.

5 th dayof this FDP was delivered by Er. Prashant Patil Director, Apex consultant, Pune. On this day there was discussion about Software application.In 2nd session participants practices on ANYSIS Software and analyze shear force bending moments on different components by preparing model of G + 4 building. FDP is ended with valedictory function in which Er. Prashant Patil expressed his feelings. Votes of thank speech is given by conveyer and coordinator.

Drone Workshop

Zeal College of Engineering and Research, organizes Drone Workshop on 15 July 2017.  Workshop conducted by experts from Drona Aviation Pvt Ltd. SINE IIT Bombay.  In this workshop experts delivered a session on technical aspects of Drone, assembly of Drone Components and their functionality.  Total 128 Students participated from various colleges and enjoyed a lots.  Some of the glimpse of workshop…

Parent Teacher’s Meeting @ Computer Engg. Department

Parent Teacher’s Meeting was organized and conducted by the Department of Computer Engineering of Zeal College of Engineering and Research on 11th August 2017.

The meeting started with the Sarswati Poojan and a welcome speech by Head of the Department (Shift I), Dr. Prasad S. Halgaonkar and Head of Department (Shift II), Dr. S. A. Ubale. Heads of Department briefed the gathering (of 60 parents) about the activities and also explained how the department offers the best possible learning environment for the students. Subsequently student’s attendance, academic performance and other special programs have been briefed to the parents.

Principal Dr. A. M. Kate, elaborated on various activities being conducted by the college for the development of students. Training and Placement Officer Prof. V. H. Barge discussed about training and placement activities being conducted. Registrar Mr. Prashant Bhalerao discussed the importance of parents monitoring for the progress of students. Program concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Prasad S. Halgaonkar, he expressed gratitude towards Executive Director Shri. Jayesh Katkar and Campus Director Dr. Sanjay Deokar, for their support and guidance.


Special students guidance program on industry expectations was conducted by Department of Mechanical Engineering and Training & Placement Cell on 7th July, 2017.The Vice President Operations, Mr. Kanhaiyya Gorane from Alfa Laval Inc. Richmond, Virginia was invited for this programme. The program started with the introduction of the chief guest and his journey from mechanical engineering student to Vice President Operations of Alfa Laval Inc Richmond, Virginia.
The program was attended by third year and final year mechanical engineering students. The main objective of the program was to provide a platform, where students and industry persons interact to know the expectation of each other.
Mr. Kanhaiyya highlighted the importance of interpersonal skills, application of knowledge, time management and resource management in the growth of any industry. He also focused on the core issues such as technical skill, ability to analyze the real life problems, industry & its impact on the environment, etc.
After program, Mr. Kanhaiyya visited the campus specially T&P Cell, skill development center, MQC lab, automobile excellence center, 3D printer, Machining excellence center and Welding excellence center in mechanical engineering department. He appreciated the efforts of the department in bridging the industry institute gap.

Zeal Drag Race

On 30th March 2017 Zeal college of engineering and research narhe pune has inaugurated three day gokart racing event named as zeal drag. It was total technical car racing event in which 32 teams participated enthusiastically & near about 500 students from all over the India have taken part in the event. To this inaugural function MR. Satish Hirve Head Sourcing, Ashok Leyland was Chief Guest/ He addressed the gathering where he emphasized on the need to focus on practical knowledge.
After first qualifying round of virtuals, 32 teams were participated with indigenous manufactured vehicle from all over the India.
At 31st March 2017 the vehicles had undergone through various technical tests like Technical Inspection (TI), Design Inspection (DI), Braking Test etc. by various experts from industries like TCS, Precision Innovation students teams were critically evaluated based on their business planes and detail design requites as well.
At 1st April 2017 there was a main Drag racing event took place in that event Autocross and Skid pad tests were carried out and at the end of day valedictory function was conducted and prize distribution ceremony was presented.  In the prize distribution Dr. K. C Vora Head ARAI was the chief guest. During his speech he said India will be the third ranker in vehicle manufacturing hub and there will be 64 million vehicle users at 2030 so considering these figures we have to encourage such technical racing events. During the speech of Mr Jayesh katkar Executive director ZCOER announced the 2nd Season of Zeal Drag 2.0 the next year target and motivated students and also congratulated the winners.
The winners for this event was


The faculty development programme on heat transfer was conducted by Department of Mechanical Engineering from 5th June 2017 to 9th June 2017. The eminent personalities from IIT, NIT’s as well as from industries was invited for this programme. To get practical exposure industrial visit also organized. The faculties from various institutes participated in this programme. The concept of mechanism of heat transfer such as conduction, convection and radiation as well as basic concepts of mass transfer were elaborated during the sessions. There was healthy interaction between the speakers and participants and both had appreciated the FDP.

  The inauguration of the programme was done by Dr. Ravi M. R. Professor, IIT New Delhi in presence of Dr. Dambhare S. G. H.O.D, Mechanical Department shift I, Dr. Ubale  A. B. H.O.D, Mechanical Department shift II, Dr. Prabhune C.L. convener of the programme  had given the introduction detailed programme schedule. Dr. Dambhare  S. G. discussed about the institute and purpose of conducting this FDP in his speech. Dr. Ravi , chief guest of the programme  had the general scenario about the education in the private institute and appreciated that college has taken proper steps to improve the teaching learning process by organizing such programmes.

The first session of the programme started with the introduction of heat transfer Unit-I by Dr. Ravi M.R. He has introduced how the thermodynamics and heat transfer subjects are correlated with each other in a beautiful manner. He has touched most of the points from unit I i.e. modes of heat transfer, temperature boundary conditions, heat flux, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, thermal contact resistance etc. In the second half he had given the idea about one dimensional steady state heat conduction without heat generation in a plane wall, composite wall, cylinder, sphere and critical radius of insulation. In the second session he discussed about the radiation the fundamental concepts, spectral and total emissive power, real and gray surfaces, radiation laws, radiation shape factor, radiation shield and it’s application.

On second day Dr. Chandramohan V.P. from NIT Warangal took first session on one dimensional steady state heat conduction with heat generation in plane wall, composite wall, cylinder, sphere with different boundary conditions. He also highlighted about heat transfer through extended surfaces. In the afternoon session he discussed about thermal insulation, economics and cost consideration, transient heat conduction.

On third day Dr. Sachin Parmane from Crompton Greaves, Mumbai took the morning session on convection which includes mechanism of natural convection and forced convection, heat transfer coefficient, dimensionless number and their physical significance. In the afternoon session he had elaborated what is pool boiling and forced boiling phenomenon, filmwise condensation and dropwise condensation with very good power point presentation. He also discussed about heat exchanger- LMTD and NTU methods for analysis of heat exchanger.

On the fourth day industrial visit was organized at Tranter India pvt Ltd, Tal-Shirur, Dist- Pune. Tranter brings compact heat transfer solutions to customers worldwide, backed by local service coverage. Advanced plate heat exchangers spanning a wide product range offer proven performance in broad applications involving liquids, gases, steam and two-phase flows. They newly developed welded Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger is improving operations in many duties formerly handled by shell & tube and welded block-type exchangers. The plate type heat exchangers are used for dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

 On the fifth day of FDP Dr. N. K. Sane Professor, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli conducted session on importance of heat transfer in day today life. He also explains relation between Vedas and heat transfer. In the valedictory function attendance certificate was distributed to the all participants.

Thus, Faculty development programme was successfully conducted and it has achieved its objectives.

  1. Considering the vision, mission of the institute and requirements of students, institute has designed a faculty responsive FDP which leads to positive transformation in teaching learning process.
  2. To pursue academic excellence during interactive session.
  3. To discuss how to teach various topics in heat transfer included in SPPU syllabus by giving better idea.
  4. To focus on a important points while conducting lecture in the class  for effective and interactive session.

 To bring eminent hardcore teachers from IIT, NIT and well known industries to interact with the faculties

SAEINDIA Western Section Project Competition 2017

SAEINDIA Western Section Project Competition 2017 was organized by SAEINDIA Western Section in association with Zeal College of Engineering & Research, Narhe, Pune. This event was organized to motivate the students to demonstrate their skills, technical knowledge in field of automotive engineering.

The event began with Lamp-lighting ceremony by dignitaries. The dignitaries on dais were as follows:

  1. Vinay Mundada
  2. AjitM. Kate
  3. M. K. Chaudhari
  4. Narahari P. Wagh
  5. Sunil Dambhare
  6. AmolUbale

We received 18 project nominations from various collegiate clubs from Western Section. The project titles of these projects are as follows:

Vehicle System Category

  1. Design And Manufacturing of Automatic Torque Biasing Differential
  2. Design of Propeller Shaft Using Composite Material
  3. Analysis of Vehicle Compatibility With Respect To Bumper Design of M1 Vehicles under Crash.
  4. Automatic Brake In Hill Station

Vehicle Engineering Category

  1. Reduction In Gear Shifting Effort Of Passenger Vehicle Reduction In Gear Shifting Effort Of Passenger Vehicle
  2. Design & Optimization Of A-Pillar Of Passenger Car
  3. Design Analysis& Manufacturing of Intake & Exhaust Manifold of Single Cylinder Engine

Engine & Emission Category

  1. Turbocharging of Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine for Formula Student Race Car
  2. Design of a Setup for the Production of Plastic Fuel (Pyrolysis) and Testing of the Fuel In CI Engine
  3. Thermo-Mechanical Stress Analysis of a Commercial Vehicle Exhaust Manifold Using Numerical Techniques
  4. Design and Computational Simulation Of EGR Cooler
  5. Optimization Of 2-Stroe Petrol Engine
  6. Production and Engine Performance & Emission Evaluation of Karanja & Jatropha Based Biodiesel
  7. Development of a Turbocharged Engine for a Two Wheeler

Others Category

  1. Comparing performance of Monotube and twin tube dampers by experimentally calculating equivalent damping coefficients
  2. Development of Rear View Mirror Impact Test Rig
  3. Optimization of Refrigerator Baseplate for Structure Borne Noise reduction through Numerical Simulations
  4. Terrain Simulator

There were 5 panel of judges who comprising following members:

  • Manohar K. Chaudhari, Consultant, CIRT
  • Vinay Mundada, Consultant
  • N. P. Wagh, Director, Vector Engineering Solutions
  • Bharat V. Dhimate, Consultant
  • Ashok Kumar V. A., Consultant, Tata Motors
  • Sanjay Nibadhe,
  • Parthasarathi Patnaik
  • Swarupan and Sewalkar
  • Devendra Mandke
  • Rupesh Gosavi
  • Krishnat Patil
  • Deepak Bhoir
  • Ramesh S. Pasarija

Each team was given 15 minutes to present their project, which are developed during their final year of Engineering. The presentation was followed by Question & Answer round from the Judges.

The Judges presented their view on the entire competition and commented on the projects contested for the competition. All the judges were very satisfied with the quality of the projects made by the students. This year we haveintroduced innovation award as a separate category for bext innovative project.

The award ceremony was conducted during SAE Annual Social. There were total 4 prizes were awarded and rests of the participants were given the certificate for participation.

The Winner of Project Competition was awarded Mr. Shreyas Sarage from College of Engineering Pune for ‘Design& Optimization of A-Pillar of Passenger Car’. He was felicitated with a Trophy and certificate along with prize money of Rs.10000/-.

First runners-up position awarded to Mr. Gitesh Lavhe, and Mr. Abhay Maneof College of EngineeringPune, for ‘Design and Manufacturing of Automatic Torque Biasing Differential’. They were awarded with a trophy and certificates along with prize money of Rs. 7000/-.

Second Runners-up position was shared between two teams. First team was Mr. Eshaan Ganesh Ayyar of ARAI Academy for his project ‘Thermo-mechanical stress analysis of a commercial vehicle exhaust manifold using numerical techniques’ and other team consisting of Mr. Alphonso Wayne Walter, Mr. Himanshu Nashikkar, Mr. Shramit Hegde of Don Bosco Institute Of Technology fortheir project on ‘Terrain Simulator’. Bothe teams were awarded with trophies certificates. The prize money of Rs. 5000/-was shared to both the teams.

The Innovation award was given to Mr. Gitesh Lavhe, and Mr. Abhay Mane of College of Engineering Pune, for ‘Design and Manufacturing of Automatic Torque Biasing Differential’. They were awarded a certificate of appreciation. This team would get free consultancy from 1 Crowd company to assist them to manufacture their project on a large scale.