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TE IT 2015 Syllabus Orientation

Faculty Development program on “TE IT 2015 Syllabus Orientation” was organised by Department of Information technology, Zeal college of engineering & research,pune in association with BoS IT,Savitribai Phule Pune University on December 6,2017.
Faculty Members from almost all Information technology deaprtments of various institutes affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University actively participated in this FDP.
Dr.P.N.Mahhale (Coordinator Boards of Studies,IT,Savitribai Phule Pune University) inaugurated the FDP and Delivered Keynote Address. Dr.A.M.Kate (Principal,ZCOER), Dr.S.D.Shirbahadurkar (Dean Academics,ZCOER), Dr.Mandar Karykarte (Member BoS,IT,Savitribai Phule Pune University) Prof.S.U .Kadam(HOD IT,ZCOER) and all Coordinators of TE IT Semester – II Subjects were present. prime objective of this FDP was to explore scope and implementation methodology of newly introduced Semester – II curriculum for TE IT by respective Subject coordinators.

Esperanza TechFest2017

Over 50 students of SE, TE & BE from IT, Computer, Electrical and computer (Polytechnic) and MCA department has enrolled for different technical events & stepped away from their daily academic routine on 15th  September 2017, to take part in technical event & competition on the occasion of Engineers Day.

Technical Events  & Student Coordinators:




Event Name



Student Coordinators No of Entries
1. Poster Presentation Cyber Security Mr. Akshay Shelatkar

Ms. Gauri Shilamkar

Ms. Prachi Mahajan


2. Power Point Presentation Emerging Trends in IT Mr. Dhanesh Sarpale

Ms. Rutuja Kashid

3. Technical Quiz Emerging Trends in IT Mr. Kunal Ramdasi

Ms. Pradnya Mainkar



This event was inaugurated by Prof. P. A. Joshi, In charge HOD, IT and all staff of IT department. The event was started at 9.00 am at the department initiating with Technical Quiz, which had 3 Rounds. Further the event was continued with PowerPoint Presentation and Poster presentation simultaneously.

The judges for this event was Prof. O. S. Joshi , Prof. P. A. Joshi, Prof. A. S. Chadchankar, Prof. A. V. Patil. The program was declared by the prize distribution in the presence of Head of Information Technology Prof. S. U. Kadam.

Thus, an environment of enthusiasm was experienced by every student due to active participation in all activities.


 Sr.  Event Name  Winners
1. Poster Presentation Sneha Dange(Computer, Zeal Ploytechnic)

Rajeshree Bhor (Computer, Zeal Ploytechnic)

2. Technical Quiz Prashanth Gombi ( IT, ZCOER)
3. Power Point Presentation Garry Simon ( IT, ZCOER)

Runner Up:

 Sr.  Event Name  Runners
1. Poster Presentation Siddharth Shrivastav (Elect, ZOCER)
2. Technical Quiz Abhishek More (Computer, Zeal Ploytechnic)
3. Power Point Presentation Rameez Sayed ( IT, ZCOER)


Teacher’s Day

“Teacher” is defined as a Motivational candle of student’s life. Life itself is a teacher for every human being, but to execute the daily routine for a successful career  a human teacher plays a Important role towards student. And to respect them specially apart from studies we celebrate Teacher’s day.

By this view we the department of IT, organized a teacher’s day on 8th Sept 2017 at seminar hall, J Building, ZCOER. The program was started at 4 p.m. and was continued till 5.30 p.m. Prof S. U. Kadam HOD IT and Respected faculty members inaugurated the program by lightening the lamp.

Hence forth Prof. S. U. Kadam guided students and gave the overview of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Prof. P. A. Johi and Prof. S. D. Damre also shared their views on this special occasion , students continued the activity by organizing different activities for teachers.

Also Students performed Dance on this special occasion which created a good environment for students and faculty members. The program was declared by the Refreshment  for the teachers.

                       Hence, program was successful and entertaining, in discipline manner.

Internet of Things: A hands on Approach

We started this workshop with CSI inauguration with the graceful presence of Mr.Vasant sathe (CSI Chairman Maharashtra & Goa) and IOT Workshop Resource person Mr.Tushar Kute (MITU SKillologies).after inauguration Mr.Tushar Kute started workshop in IBM lab with the introduction with IOT and its era. Following syllabus point s taken in the workshop,

Day-1 [06 Hours]

Introduction to Internet of Things

– IOT Architecture

– Impact of IoT

– IoT Privacy, Security and Governance

– Current Trends and Research Opportunities in IoT

– Introduction to different IOT boards based on Processor and controller

* Introduction to Raspberry Pi

– Architecture, features and versions

– Embedded Developer Suit

– OS for ARM architectures

– OS installation

– Raspbian Fundamentals: Working in GUI / Terminal Mode

– Complete Raspbian configuration

– Introduction to GPIO

-Installing, updating, upgrading the packages

– Networking and accessing via ssh or telnet or PuTTY

– Sensors and GPIO interfacing

Day-2 [06 Hours]

IOT Design using Raspberry Pi

– Introduction to RPi python programming

– Blinking the LEDs, Fading the LEDs

– Ringing Buzzers by various ways

– Interfacing the IR sensor

– Interfacing LDR sensor

– Interfacing the Ultrasonic distance Sensor HC-SR04

– Installation of extra libraries in Python

– Interfacing the Temperature sensors – DHT11

– Creating the Sensor – RPi – Actuator system

– Collecting the sensors data.

– Informing the user through internet.

  Total 54 participants’ admitted in workshop (29 participants from IT Department and 25 students from Computer Science Department) and successfully attended 2days workshop.

Parent meet was conducted by Department of information Technology

Parent meet was conducted by Department of information Technology for SE and TE classes on 11th February 2017 and for BE on 17th February 2017. The meet started with the welcome address by Head of Department Prof. S. U. Kadam. He further elaborated the examination scheme, placement scenario and purpose of parent meet. Some of the parent also presented their views during this interaction.

The minutes of meeting for the same are:

  1. S. U. Kadam discussed about norms about attendance and suggested parent to take timely status of attendance from their ward.
  2. HoD also suggested reviewing results of their ward for semester I vailable with Guardian Faculty Member.
  3. SE Phase I Online Result, i.e., marking scheme and grading system are also explained by HoD
  4. Eligibility criterion for placements and steps towards academic result improvement
  5. Coordination by parent in improving student performance.
  6. Parents suggested taking a meet every month if possible,
  7. Parents appreciated for the continuous call to them regarding the absentee of their ward.
  8. Satisfaction by the parents by getting a letter of monthly student report regarding attendance, test result and fees update.
  9. Parents had discussion with the GFM of their ward.

Parent meet was conducted by Department of information Technology

Parent meet was conducted by Department of information Technology for SE and TE and BE classes on 08th August 2017 in the presence of Hon J. S. Katkar Executive Director ZES, Dr. A. M. Kate Principal ZCOER, Prof. Viraj Barge TPO Head ZCOER . The meet started with the welcome address by Head of Department       Prof. S. U. Kadam. He further elaborated the examination scheme, placement scenario and purpose of parent meet.

The minutes of meeting for the same are:

  1. S. U. Kadam discussed about norms about attendance and suggested parent to take timely status of attendance from their ward. Eligibility criterion for placements and steps towards academic result improvement. Coordination by parent in improving student performance.
  2. Viraj Barge discussed about the placement of students, eligibility criteria and number of companies visiting the campus. He also given the brief ratio about the student placed till date from the campus.
  3. A. M. Kate sir given a brief idea behind the attendance and the result of the students. Also he explained about number of skill development programs and online courses like NPTEL running in the department and the usage of these courses.
  4. J. S. Katkar sir was thankful to all parents present for the meeting, he requested parents to take care of their wards regarding studies and attendance. He also given a statement that he is always there to give all the facilities for students for their overall improvement and progress.

Drone Workshop

Zeal College of Engineering and Research, organizes Drone Workshop on 15 July 2017.  Workshop conducted by experts from Drona Aviation Pvt Ltd. SINE IIT Bombay.  In this workshop experts delivered a session on technical aspects of Drone, assembly of Drone Components and their functionality.  Total 128 Students participated from various colleges and enjoyed a lots.  Some of the glimpse of workshop…

Zeal Cyber Cell

With the vision to provide safe, secure and trusted cyber space for all users of cyber space, Department of Information Technology at Zeal college of Engineering & research has started Zeal Cyber Cell under Cyber Security Center of Excellence. Zeal Cyber Cell is established considering the need of awareness about good and bad effects due to tremendous rise in use of Information Technology and Mobile users over the globe.

Head of Information Technology Department, Professor Sandeep Kadam said that the prime objectives behind establishing cyber cell are to encourage students about Great Career opportunities available in Cyber Security, to increase awareness among society about information security & cyber security and also to enhance professional skills of students in information and cyber security through hands on practice.

Zeal Cyber cell is inaugurated by the hands of Maharastra Police , Pune Cyber Cell In Charge and Senior Inspector Mrs Radhika Phadake as a Chief Guest of the programme. Principal of the institute Dr A. M. Kate, Dean Academics of the institute Dr. S. D. Shirbahadurkar and Assistant Inspector, Pune Cyber Cell, Mrs. Swapnali Shinde, Professor Sandep Kadam, Coordinators, Professor Rahul Bhole & Professor Pranalini Joshi, Faculty members of the institute and students were present for inaugural function in large number.

Mrs Radhika Phadake gave information to the audience about Cyber crimes happening in various fields by sharing her actual experiences during 27 years of service at Maharashtra Police. She also made audience aware about continuously increasing misuse of social media by youth of the nation. Mrs Swapnali Shinde guided audience about securing ourselves and others from becoming victim of cyber crime. Guests also visited the Cyber Security Laboratory developed to carry out activities of Zeal Cyber Cell.

Founder President  Mr. S. M. Katkar and Executive Director  Professor Jayesh Katkar appreciated congratulated students for  establishing Zeal Cyber Cell.  Campus Director Dr. S.A. Deokar guided students and coordinators for successful establishment of Zeal Cyber Cell.

Inaugural Ceremony is concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Prof. Rahul Bhole.

Short Term Training Program on ‘Discrete Mathematics & Mathematical Modeling’

Computer Engineering and Information Technology Department of Zeal College of Engineering in association with Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE) had organized one week Short Term Training Program on ‘Discrete Mathematics & Mathematical Modeling’ on 6th to 10th June 2017. This STTP was attended by about 110 teachers and post graduate students from Maharashtra and other states.

Objective of the workshop was to make aware participants about applications of discrete mathematics in various fields of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. The  participants   benefitted  immensely  and  got  new  insights  and  knowledge  about  the  topic  through  close  interactions with the Senior Faculty Members and Experts from IITs, State Universities, etc.

STTP was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of Executive Director of Zeal Education Society Prof. Jayesh Katkar and Campus Director Dr. Sanjay Deokar.

Faculties and students were trained on Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling by eminent academicians such as Dr. Om Prakash (IIT Patna), Dr. Swanand Khare (IIT Kharagpur), Dr. Charushila Deshpande, Dr. B. N. Waphare, Dr. Parikshit Mahalle, Dr. Sunil Dhore, Prof. S. S. Shelke, Prof. Barde.

Under valuable guidance of Dr. Ajit Kate (Principal, ZCOER), Prof. S. M. Sangve (HOD, Computer) and Prof. S. U. Kadam (HOD IT) this programme was successfully conducted. This workshop was co-ordinate by Prof. U.L.Talware and Prof. A.R. Sheikh

Achievers make us feel proud….

Achievers make us feel proud…..

and felicitating such toppers is our prime responsibility. Pune is a city of knowledge and it is very much obvious that such ceremonies happen in the city.

Zeal Education Society believes in maintaining this legacy and taking it forward. With this mission Zeal Education Society had arranged GRADUATION CEREMONY for 2016 engineering batch.

The event was organized on 01.02.2017 at the campus. It is our legacy to have eminent educationalist on our campus for such ceremonies.

In 2017 the graduation ceremony event was graced by the august presence of Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar (Vice Chancellor, SMRT University, Nanded), Shri. S.M. Katkar (Founder Director, Zeal Education Society)